You might be a little curious about why I have been talking about goddesses so much recently… and what do they have to do with launching? This isn’t your usual launch strategy post but keep reading with an open mind and you might be a little surprised at what you discover about how relevant goddesses are to launching an eCourse.

First let’s talk about Archetypes

The Archetype, as a concept, is at the foundation of Carl Jung’s psychological works.

Archetypes are deep enduring patterns of thought and behavior laid down in the human psyche that remain powerful over long periods of time and transcend cultures.

Archetypes form the basis for all unlearned, instinctive patterns of behavior that humankind–regardless of culture–shares in common.

Archetypes are found in dreams, literature, art and myth and communicate to us through many symbols.

What do goddesses have to do with launching? Read the full post to learn more.

What is a Goddess Archetype?

Goddesses have been revered in all ancient cultures including greek, roman, indian, norse, celtic and chinese to name a few.

Each goddess has a specific energy, qualities, strengths and myth related to her.

However in the modern world we have lost touch with these myths, archetypes and goddess energies.

All women we have a combination of a number of Goddess energy/types within themselves of varying ascendancy (or dominance).

By increasing our consciousness of these various energies we have an opportunity to affirm and express our more primary goddess qualities as well as discovering ways to draw out the more recessive Goddess qualities within us that we would like to draw on.

In this way, we bring into balance our hidden goddess qualities and better actualize our inherent gifts.

Why are Goddess Archetypes Powerful When Launching?

If you’re an experienced launcher then you’ll know how much launches can impact on our self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief. It can be easy to loose faith in ourselves, our products and our inherent worth and value in the world.

We can call on the energy of different goddesses to draw out our own innate qualities and strengths during a launch. And we can also use them to build on areas in which we feel weak.

By calling on the goddess energy as an external or higher power we are able to transcend the limits we have put on ourselves as mere mortals.

Spiritually goddesses can be called in to support us and provide us with intuitive or channelled insights.

Here are some of the key goddess archetypes that we can draw upon when we are launching:


Nemetona is the goddess of the sacred space and her name means ‘sacred grove’ because she protected sacred ancient Celtic sites which were outdoors in sacred groves of trees. If you invoke her (call on her) she’ll help you create your sacred space.

Find out how Goddess Nemetona to help you during launch.


Aletheia means truth but also wound into the meaning and etymology of the word Aletheia are the concepts of remembering and the state of being unhidden.   The implication is that the journey, that which we are seeking, needs to be “remembered” and “unhidden”. By invoking goddess Aletheia you are remembering the truth of who you are. Some of us have buried our inner goddess and feminine side so far down that we have forgotten we even have it.

Find out how Goddess Alethia can help you during an e-Course launch.


Athena is a true warrior goddess. She is depicted in full body armour as the wise warrior and the autonomous female. However, her feminine side comes through as she is actually guided to prevent senseless war. She has cunning intelligence, is a master strategist and she is often depicted with an owl. You can call on her to help you with your launch strategy.

Find out how Goddess Athena can help you during an e-Course launch.


Artemis is the goddess of the hunt (and the moon) and she is known for her deep focus. She was a virgin huntress and maintained independence from men and is known for her self-reliance. Launching is cyclic and goes through phases. You can call on Artemis to help you with planning your launch, staying focused and picking your dates.

Find out how Goddess Artemis can help you during an e-Course launch.


Abundantia is the roman goddess of prosperity luck and abundance and is often known as “lady luck”. She is a beautiful maiden and carries a cornucopia that is overflowing with coins. You can call on Abundantia during your launch to raise your prosperity consciousness and be open to abundance.

Find out how Goddess Abundantia can help your during your e-Course launch.


Yemaya is an african goddess of water. She is often depicted as a mermaid and she is a healing and compassionate goddess. We can call on Yemaya when we are seeking to feel alignment to our programs, goals and actions and she asks us to surrender to the mystery like the expansive ocean.

Find out how Goddess Yemaya can help you during an e-Course launch.


Lakshmi is the hindu goddess of prosperity and governs prosperity in all its forms. She bestows wealth and riches on those who are open to receive. She is depicted sitting on a lotus flower with coins pouring out of her hands. You might notice that Lakshmi has many arms and we can call on her during the launch sales process to bestow calm, confidence and abundance on us whilst we seek to connect with our soul clients in an authentic way.

Find out how Goddess Lakshmi can help you during an e-Course launch.


Durga is the Hindu warrior mother who personifies the virtues of truth and love whilst also dispelling negative energies. She is depicted with 10 to 18 arms and can represent juggling the many priorities in a launch as the “Launch Mother”. You can call on her to help you manage your team with compassion and love but also with firm boundaries and expectations. She calls on you to be the Launch Manager or CEO not the worker bee.

Find out how Goddess Durga can help you during an e-Course launch.

Mama Quilla

Mama Quilla is the Incan goddess of the moon, the calendar and time. She reminds us about the ebb and flow of launches and the need for periods of action to be followed by periods of rest and reflection. You can call on Mama Quilla to rejuvenate you at the end of the launch, to help you to experience joy no matter the results and to impart you with clear insights for the next launch.

Find out how Goddess Mama Quilla can help you during an e-Course launch.

Which of these goddesses speaks to you?

What Do Goddesses Have To Do With Launching? Read the full post to find out...

How can you invoke a goddess while launching?

  • Using Goddess Oracle cards
  • Bringing goddess images or statues into your workspace
  • Meditation focusing on a specific goddess
  • Channel messages from them in meditation
  • Read the myths related to them
  • Write a prayer to them
  • Just call on them and ask for their help!

I know this might seem a little out there to you but the thing is by focusing on the energy of a particular goddess archetype who has strengths you want to draw on you are able to surpass the limits and limiting beliefs that you have placed on yourself and draw upon a powerful feminine energy that can support you during your launches.

Next time you launch why don’t you try asking one of these goddesses for some help?

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