Mars Retrogrades from October 30th – January 13th 2023 from 25-8 degrees Gemini.

Firstly, what is a retrograde? 

A retrograde is when a planet appears to turn backward in the sky. This happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit. 

All the major planets (excluding the luminaries – the sun and the moon) go retrograde from time to time.

When planets go retrograde the impact of the planet changes and the type of activities that are recommended change too.

What is a Mars Retrograde all about?

Mars is the planet of Anger, Aggression, Action, and Bravery and is ruled by the sign of Aries and the 1st House of Identity.

Mars represents how we express our anger, how we take action, and how we can be brave and bold in our lives and make things happen.

Mars can be thought of as the Warrior.

It is considered to be a bold and domineering planet but whilst in retrograde, however, it tends to bring less active and decisive energy.

So when Mars goes retrograde this heralds a time for slowing down, taking a rest, and refilling your cup.

During a Mars Retrograde, we may feel blocked, stuck, tired, apathetic, or shy.

A Mars retrograde will ask us to focus instead on the projects that remain unfinished, it is all about completion and rest. It is not recommended to start new projects or to address issues where you need to be brave or bold during this time.

But sometimes this can’t be avoided so instead be prepared for this lack of energy and create plans, and routines and support yourself to focus as well as give yourself enough time to rest.

This is the time to book a holiday, get some extra rest, and make a list of all the things you need to finish.

By the time Mars turns direct if we have taken the time to rest and complete outstanding tasks, we will feel fresh and free to start new and exciting projects that require a lot of focus and drive.

Where is Mars Retrograde in your chart?

In which part of your life is this retrograde activating?

Check out where it is in your chart when it retrogrades from 25-8 degrees Gemini and take note of any other natal planets around these degrees.

If you are not sure what the different houses represent then check out my FREE astrology basics course.

What might the position of Mars Retrograde in 2022 mean for you?

In which part of your life should you complete outstanding tasks and projects or hold off from taking bold action?

In my chart, it retrogrades from directly on my MC angle back into the 9th House of Learning, Expansion, Travel, and Publishing. This feels perfect for finishing off the goal of my Oracle Deck which I have been working on all year (and longer than that!). By the time Mars goes direct again my Christmas holidays will be ending and I’ll be heading back to the business to post the delicious oracle decks to my customers and moving onto other projects.

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