Have you ever heard people refer to “Aquarius Season” but not understood what it means?

Well, Aquarius season starts when the sun moves into Aquarius and several other personal planets join it during the month-long transit of the sun through Aquarius.

Aquarius is an air sign and brings an innovative, rebellious, and slightly eccentric energy but it can also manifest in emotional detachment and lack of empathy.

aquarius season


January 20th-February 19th 

Ruled by: 


Ruling house: 

11th House – Friends, Community, and Hopes and Dreams

aquarius season

Mantra for Aquarius Season: 

aquarius mantra

Best things to focus on during Aquarius Season:

After the more disciplined Capricorn season, it is a great time to take a break and liberate yourself from structures – go have some fun or embrace creative chaos. Give yourself enough space to allow intuitive and psychic information to flow through.

Personal Planets in Aquarius:

We have Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun in Aquarius during Aquarius season. 

Mercury – 6th-23rd February 2024

Mercury in Aquarius brings a clear head, innovative ideas and moments of revelation, and a desire for group connection. It makes me think of those innovative bolts of inspiration that come out of the blue for a new product or offering in your business.

It’s good for long-term planning, documenting business processes, and learning new technology.

Mars – 14th February – 22nd March 2024

Mars in Aquarius brings a dynamic, cooperative, and innovative approach and has a detached approach to taking action, powering ahead without over-feeling or overthinking things.

It’s a good time to try a new routine or actioning a new and innovative idea.

Venus – 17th February – 11th March 2024

Venus in Aquarius may make you feel more focused on the collective good and the future whether in your personal life or in your business. Issues of your financial legacy might come up during this time. You could feel a bit emotionally detached from your loved ones.

Where is Aquarius in your chart?

To find Aquarius in your chart you will first need to create a chart at astro.com if you don’t have it already.

Then you will want to look around the edge of the chart and find the Aquarius Glyph.

Then look at which house(s) Aquarius spans in your chart to see which areas of your life Aquarius season is likely to play out in.

If you want an easy reference chart for the signs and houses join my free astrology course.

In my chart below you can see that Aquarius spans my 5th & 6th house and my South Node is also natally in Aquarius. This shows up mostly in that whilst I’m a Virgo rising and very organized and planned – I’m also someone who hates to be over-scheduled and tied down in my day-to-day life.

In Aquarius season, it’s important for me to ensure that I have plenty of time to liberate myself!

aquarius season

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