One of the things I love helping entrepreneurs to do is to use astrology to be more in alignment with their (and the universe’s) natural cycles and probably the most impactful way to do this is to align with the zodiac sign of the moon.

The moon has a huge impact on humans, especially women, as our cycles will often synch up with it, but more than that the moon influences our oceans & tides and it is how in ancient times people knew when to plant crops and order their own lives.

Something that many people aren’t aware of is that you can plan each day according to which sign the moon is in and in this blog I’m going to give you some tips on how to do just that!’

The moon in different zodiac signs will likely impact us emotionally and intuitively (especially if you have a cancer moon, Sun or Rising sign natally) and certain activities will be more effective on certain days depending on the zodiac sign the moon is in. 

moon zodiac signs

How do we determine which zodiac sign the moon is in?

It can been really helpful to buy an astrological planner such as the Llewellyn Pocket Planner or the Magic of I diary. Both of these will show you each day what sign the moon is in. Alternatively there are apps you can download for your phone such as Moon Phase Calendar. Also a great site to check out is AstroSeek

When the moon is in Aries

Element: Fire

Archetype: The Warrior/Warrior Goddess

Good for: Boldness, Courage, Self assertion, Action taking & initiative.

Avoid: Difficult conversations, 1:1 work

When the moon is in Taurus

Element: Earth

Archetype: The Pleasure Seeker

Good for: Grounding, Making Money, Pleasure, Self-Care, Patience

Avoid: Actions that need to be done quickly.

When the moon is in Gemini

Element: Air

Archetype: The Messenger

Good for: Communication, Learning, Teaching, Speaking, Writing, Marketing, Social media

Avoid: Activities that require intensive focus.

When the moon is in Cancer

Element: Water

Archetype: The Mother

Good for: Family, Home, Nurturing, Emotions, Supportive client work.

Avoid: Overworking as you need to work with your natural cycles.

When the moon is in Leo 

Element: Fire

Archetype: The Queen/King

Good for: Creativity, Leadership, Play, Joy, Authenticity, Self expression, Visibility.

Avoid: Work with clients where the focus should be on them.

When the moon is in Virgo

Element: Earth

Archetype: The Planner

Good for: Health, Nutrition, Details, Organisation, Routines, Structure, Service

Avoid: Creative work

When the moon is in Libra

Element: Air

Archetype: The Lover

Good for: Relationships, 1:1 work, Beauty, Harmony, Balance.

Avoid: Solo work or work where you are the focus.

When the moon is in Scorpio

Element: Water

Archetype: The Alchemist

Good for: Power, Transformation, Rebirth, Money, Depth, Passion, Intensity, Research. Deep work with clients.

Avoid: Work that is surface level – you need to go deep.

When the moon is in Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Archetype: The Free Spirit

Good for: Wisdom, Meaning, Adventure, Education  & Learning, Philosophy, Mysticism.

Avoid: Work that doesn’t have purpose or meaning for you or that makes you

feel tied down.

When the moon is in Capricorn

Element: Earth

Archetype: The Ruler

Good for: Achievement, Authority, Business, Planning, Project Management, Team Management.

Avoid: Work that requires you to connect emotionally with others.

When the moon is in Aquarius

Element: Air

Archetype: The Maverick

Good for: Invention, Radical Ideas, Community work, Volunteering. A great time to brainstorm new ideas.

Avoid: Work that requires you to adhere to pre-set structures or limitations.

When the moon is in Pisces

Element: Water

Archetype: The Mystic

Good for: Imagination, Spirituality, Dreams, Creativity, Intuition. A great time to go on retreat and focus on your spiritual practice.

Avoid: Work that needs you to focus or work long hours.

align your work with moon zodiac sign

How to use this information

At the start of a new grab a diary and write in the sign that the moon is in for every day of the month and then think about which activities you can schedule (or reschedule) to align with the energy of the moon and see if it helps you to feel more in flow and achieve more each day and week.

Would you like to learn more about working with the Moon

Check out my Lunar Planning Toolkit

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