Do you set soulful business goals?

For so long in the business world, it feels like strategy and soul have sat on opposite ends of the spectrum.

You can’t be a good planner AND be spiritual…

You can’t be creative AND organised…

You can’t be intuitive AND strategic…

But guess what? It’s not true.

And I’m going to show you how with my best tips on how to set soulful business goals.

How to set soulful business goals

Give yourself some space to feel into the possibilities

There is a reason I’m writing this blog post in December and not January as most people do. It’s because you need space to really feel into your business goals for the year ahead.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing my yearly planning in November. It’s often a calm(ish) time before the craziness of Christmas and school holidays hits, and I find this is when I have the most space.

Creating soulful business goals is a sacred process and will cause things to shift. So the more space you can create, the better!

Some actions you might like to take once you have the sacred space:

  •   Reflect and journal on the year that’s been
  •   Visualise where you want to be in a year’s time
  •   Meditate and feel into any words or phrases that come up
  •   Draw oracle cards for extra support and guidance

The aim of creating this space isn’t to start planning everything out yet – but to really feel into your intentions and what your future might look like.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to know everything already. We’re starting this early so that you can take the extra time.

Feel into your intention before setting your goals

Now that you’ve created the space to feel into the possibilities – it’s time to name your intention!

Don’t get your intention confused with your goals. They are different!

An intention is really the way that you want to ‘be’ while a goal is something that you want to ‘do’. While goals are definitely important for you and your business, we’ll cover them in the next step.

I generally set my yearly intentions by picking a theme word or feeling. This word acts as guidance and allows you to set business goals that are more aligned with the way you want to feel.

For example, my theme word for this year was financial freedom and this guided all of my goals and actions in my business (and life!) this year.

Align your goals with your intentions

Now that you’ve created the space to feel into the possibilities and have explored your intentions and theme words, it’s time to pick goals for the year!

It’s easy to choose goals based on what you think you should want – but that’s why we felt into our intentions first.

With each business goal that you set, ask yourself: does this help me feel the way I want to feel with my intention and theme word?

For example, your goal might be to enroll in an expensive mastermind. But if your theme word was financial freedom (like mine was this year) then you might find that your goal is misaligned with your intention. Maybe rather than an expensive mastermind (which don’t get me wrong can be amazing!) you should be focusing on building the structures and systems for passive income instead.

Going through this process, you might realise your goal is to build a passive income stream so that you can feel more financially free in your business!

See how powerful intentions can be in setting soulful business goals?

Remember: you can have strategy and soul! And setting soulful business goals for the year is a great place to start!

If you would like help picking your theme word for 2023 and tuning into your intentions and goals then check out my program – Your Soulful Year 2023.


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