In the last blog, I talked about how we can get information about our significant past life by looking at the sign of our South Node.

Additionally, Uranus can tell us something about our long-term or far memory such as past life trauma.

Mark Jones describes trauma as:

“Merely the re-flowering of a karmic pattern, memory or unresolved issue within the subtle mind, the deeper unconscious”.

– Mark Jones

Uranus memory is non-linear and is the type that surfaces during regression work, altered states, through vivid dreams or intuitive flashes of insight or the sensation of deja vu.

So we can see Trauma in our present life as linked to karmic events in past lives. It is therefore something we need to recognise and heal in order to break the chain.

Mark Jones describes the impact of Uranus as:

“ Uranus can be experienced as a memory or a mental awareness arising from the soul”.

We can get more information about this past life trauma by looking at our Stressful Uranus aspects in our natal chart.

Past Life Trauma

The General Meaning of Stressful Uranus Aspects

Stressful aspects (squares, oppositions) from Uranus can indicate prior life memories that have overwhelmed you and impacted your development in past-life incarnations.

These then manifest as a “karmic hangover” in the present lifetime.

If you do not have your natal chart follow these instructions to create one:
1. Create an account at and set up your birth data
2. Select your name from your AstroData
3. Click on Chart Drawing Ascendant

Look at your chart to see if you have any squares or opposition aspects with your Uranus and take note of the planets and houses involved.

You see in the image below that I do NOT have any stressful Uranus aspects.

Understanding your Past Life Trauma

If you have any stressful aspects from Uranus look them up in the table below.

Planets/Houses in Stressful aspect with UranusNature of Past Life Trauma
Sun/ 5th HouseSuccessful and recognised and where you experienced a fall from grace.
Moon/4th house Lack of Safety, a traumatic event with your mother.
Mercury/ 3rdHouse/6th housePersecution, Exile 
Venus/ 2nd House/7th HouseLack of money and security, loss, war, famine,
Mars/ 1st House Dying young, War
Jupiter/ 9th House Belief systems, Being part of a fundamentalist group
Saturn/ 10th House Physical trauma such as a physical wound or rejection by the family.
Pluto/ 8th House Emotional or psychological trauma such as betrayal, psychological or sexual abuse.
Neptune/ 12th HouseImprisonment, Persecution, hiding from others

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