In a recent blog, I covered the personal houses (houses 1-6) and in this blog, I’ll be covering the transpersonal astrology houses (houses 7-12). The Transpersonal Houses mark a shift from being about ourselves and our internal nature to being concerned with our relationships, our careers and our relationship with the rest of society.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ll be discussing the highest level interpretations of the transpersonal astrology houses but there are a lot of nuances and specific applications that you can explore once you understand the fundamentals of each house.

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An Introduction to the Houses

The houses in your birth or natal chart are numbered in the centre of the chart from 1-12. The house is the specific aspect of your life that is affected by a natal planet placement or transiting planet.

When planets visit a house (transit), they light up that part of your chart, and energize that house’s traits. Astrologers use the houses to predict which parts of your life will come into focus, and where you can take the best possible action. 

You can see a summary of the Transpersonal Astrology Houses – houses 7-12 below.

The astrology houses

Let’s dive into the transpersonal astrology houses!

The Seventh House

the seventh house

The 7th House is the house of Marriage and Partnership – including 1:1 committed relationships, marriage, romantic partners, business partnerships, legal contracts and enemies.

Ruled by Libra and Venus this house is all about how you connect with others.

Take a look at your chart and see which sign your seventh house is in – what might the archetype of this sign mean about your intimate committed relationships or your business partnerships.⠀

When I had my new photo shoot I sent the photos to my husband and said – tell which one you like best and I’ll put it in a frame for you. I expected he might pick one of my more sexy or sultry images but no he picked one where I was smiling and a bit cheeky.

At first, I was a bit perturbed as it wasn’t what I thought he would pick but then I felt into his decision and realised this says a lot about him, me and our partnership. He loves to see me smile, he loves my passion, my confidence and in a way my powerful energy. He likes my cheekiness.

My 7th house is one of my largest houses with a touch of Pisces, a hell of a lot of Aries and touch of Taurus.

This speaks to sensitivity in our relationship, a whole lot of Aries action taking energy and a touch of Taurus that makes us care about creating a solid, beautiful home base.

Our marriage was challenged last year and early this year with some serious family and financial troubles. Issues that tore our extended family apart and pushed Andy and I to become the Aries warriors for our own family, to take action and be bold and brave.

I have no planets in the 7th house but right now Chiron is transiting over my 7th house and I can feel the healing, my natal Chiron is in my 8th house – other people’s money and power are themes here. I feel that transiting Chiron has arrived over my 7th house to heal these wounds. Transiting Chiron in the 7th is also currently opposition my natal Jupiter and Saturn in my first house – The last 12-18 months has been a time of putting my family and our financial foundations first over my individuation and freedom needs that come from a packed 1st house. But as with any transit it’s not forever – you take the lesson and grow from it.

What’s going on in your 7th house right now? Take a look at the sign(s) and planets in your seventh house and how this might reflect your marriage and/or partnerships?

The Eighth House

The eighth house

The 8th House is the house of Sex, Money, Power & Transformation.

It is all about how we deal with change, death, rebirth and crisis and the deep things in life. It involves shared money, spouses money and inheritance.=

Ruled by Scorpio & Pluto this house is intense.

Take a look at your chart and see which sign your eight house is in and any planets that are there – what might the archetype of this sign and the natal planets mean about your relationship to sex, money, power and transformation?

My eighth house is almost exclusively in Taurus with a smidge of Gemini. I have my Natal Chiron here and I’ve written before about the trauma and healing around money and power in my life. Chiron in the 8th house also indicates latent healing abilities and teaching others about the subtle dimensions of life.

My eighth house in Taurus brings a need for comfort and stability when it comes to money and it can indicate a flair with money and most certainly inheritance. Something I’m aware of and expect but which will not come easily with Chiron here.

I also have Uranus transiting my 8th house bringing unexpected changes around money and power and absolutely energy of transformation (like it or not!). Uranus through the 8th house can be a troubling transit but I tend to not worry about the worst case scenarios and instead know that the impact of the planets often happens at an inner level rather than through external events.

I think to lose a beloved boyfriend at age 25 to a superbug, if nothing else, taught me that I am not in control and secondly that I can and will handle anything that comes my way – not necessarily gracefully – but I am strong enough and we will always transform from the worst parts of life.

The Ninth House

the ninth house

The 9th House is the house of Overseas travel, expansion, learning & publishing.

Ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter this house is all about expanding your reality.

Take a look at your chart and see which sign your ninth house is in and any planets that are there – what might the archetype of this sign and the natal planets mean about your desire to travel, expand your mind and learn?

My 9th house is in Gemini and has no natal planets but is very much part of who I am being a Sagittarius sun ( Sagittarius being the ruler of the 9th house).

I feel the Gemini energy come through in my thirst for knowledge, to explore, to discuss and communication and impart the things I learn. Yes I can at time be scattered or unfocused or it can seem like that to others – my Gemini here makes me multi-passionate and multi-skilled.

I currently have Venus over my ninth house and I feel she is bringing receptivity and allure through my writing, learning and exploration as I prepare to launch the embodied soul astrology academy.

The Tenth House

The 10th House is the house of Career, Calling and Public Recognition.

It is all about how our greater calling in the world and how we show up publicly in the broader community, our position in society, our contribution, ambitions and achievements. It can be representative of the dominant parent.

Ruled by Saturn and Capricorn this house is about striving and responsibility.

Take a look at your chart and see which sign your tenth house is in and any planets that are there – what might the archetype of this sign and the natal planets mean about your career and calling?

My 10th House is in Gemini & Cancer. My MC career line falls in Gemini and so speaking and communicating is a big part of my calling. But most of my 10th House has the energy of Cancer – ruled by the moon, cyclic, emotional, nurturing, mother energy. I show up in a Cancerian way – with a deep desire to serve and nurture but an intensely private, introverted side that needs a lot of alone time and independent work.

I don’t have any planets in my 10th house or near my career line but currently, my transiting North Node & Mercury is in my 10th house conjunct my natal moon. In so many ways a perfect time to have just been speaking at an event and to be getting close to launching my astrology academy!

The Eleventh House

The eleventh house

The 11th House is the house of Community, Groups, Goals & Aspirations.

It is all about how we interact with the broader community that we are a part of and it also represents our goals, dreams and aspirations for our lives.

Ruled by Uranus and Aquarius this house is about freedom, change and social good.

Take a look at your chart and see which sign your eleventh house is in and any planets that are there – what might the archetype of this sign and the natal planets mean about your community and dreams and aspirations?

My 11th House is in Cancer & Leo – almost an equal split. This is so representative of what I am like when it comes to socialising and being visible. I’m part speaker and leader (Leo) and part homebody, introvert (Cancer).

My moon is in Cancer in the 11th house, this can represent a need for feminine groups, close feminine relationships and connection. But it also shows how I can retreat into my shell and be highly sensitive. My north node is also in the 11th house in Leo (but only just and right on the cusp of the 11/12th house).

Right now I have the transiting north node, mercury and mars all over my 11th house bringing the energy of soul purpose, communication and action as I prepare to launch my astrology academy and my first astrology course.

The Twelfth House

The Twelfth House

The 12th House is the house of Secrets, retreat, the unknown and the hidden.

It is all about dreams, hidden strengths and desires, rest, sleep, the shadow, private affairs, fears, hidden desires, fantasies, spirituality and karma.

Ruled by Neptune & Pisces this house can bring confusion, disillusion, dreams & creativity and bucketloads of spiritual connection.

Take a look at your chart and see which sign your twelfth house is in and any planets that are there – what might the archetype of this sign and the natal planets mean about your hidden side?

My twelfth house is a mixture of Leo & Virgo. Reflecting on this I feel like some of the hidden parts of myself have been my leader, my speaker, my star quality (Leo) as well as my grounded healer (Virgo). Thankfully it has only taken half a lifetime to unearth these hidden but very important parts of myself and allow them to shine.

I have no planets in the 12th house (however my north node is right on the cusp) and currently no transiting planets over the 12th house – to me this reflects that right now I feel like I am a true, authentic, version of myself – I’m no longer hiding or avoiding who I am meant to be.

Understanding the Transpersonal Astrology Houses

the transpersonal astrology houses

I hope you have enjoyed this blog looking at the Transpersonal Astrology Houses – the 6th to 12th houses. You can read about the 1st-6th houses here.

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