Have you ever wondered what the dominant Zodiac signs in your business chart mean about your business?

To begin with, the zodiac signs bring personality to the way the domain of the houses plays out in your business as well as how the planets express.  Therefore, we can think of our business in terms of the dominant zodiac signs in our business chart. 

Before you dive into this blog grab your business astrology chart (if you don’t know how to create one read this blog) and determine the signs with the most planets/ angles.

Consider the most common Zodiac signs in your business chart. Which signs do you have the most planets in? These become the dominant archetypes of your “business personality”.

The Dominant Zodiac signs in a Business chart

The following lists keywords related to the dominant zodiac sign and provides some prompts for how to apply each sign to your business as well as some relevant business examples for each zodiac sign. 

Some of these businesses are well-known and some less so but you can check out how they show up through brand copy and brand identity as these zodiac archetypes.

Please note that I know some of these businesses and their charts and others I am classifying purely on how their businesses are currently showing up visually and through their brand voice.

Most brands are actually a combination of 3 or more zodiac archetypes – for example, the Kelly Diels example to me is clearly Scorpio/Aquarius and Hello7 is Capricorn/Aries.

If you have been unsure as to how to show up in your business or to brand it then my hope is that this gives you some ideas.

Aries – The Warrior Queen/Leader

Keywords: Bold, Brave, Fierce, Leader, Activator

It’s important that a dominant Aries business show up, take direct (and often spontaneous) action and be a leader in its niche. They were born to stand out and be brave and bold. Dominant Aries businesses need to be very intentional in their branding and marketing because they are not for everyone and their direct nature can (and should) put some people off.

Example Business: Victoria Gibson – Victoria is bold, direct, feisty and very driven and certainly has that Aries fire!

Taurus – The Earth Maiden/Sensualist

Keywords: Sensual, Grounded, Slow

It’s important that a dominant Taurus business has solid foundations of quality, and comfort (and often luxury). Taurean businesses are not meant for fast food or fast service – so it’s important that they charge appropriately and provide clients with a luxuriating experience that they can savour.

Example Business: Sarah Jenks – Sarah Jenks has a number of different offerings that are all about living a better life – whether in relation to your body, your marriage or your work. She also advocates slowing down to enjoy the journey.

Gemini – The Sacred Messenger/Social Butterfly

Keywords: Social, Connector, Curious

It’s important that a dominant Gemini business is able to be curious and multi-passionate and above all else do something with words or communication. Gemini businesses are prone to having too many ideas and not delivering any of them to their full potential due to lack of focus so discernment is required.

Example Business: Marie Forleo – Marie Forleo is an amazing speaker, derives energy from interacting with others and loves language and copywriting. 

Cancer – The Nurturer/Hermit

Keywords: Sensitive, Protective, Feminine, Nurturing

It’s important that a dominant Cancerian business is based around a core foundation of nurturing and feminine connection. In fact, Cancerian businesses just feel like a soft place to land as soon as you experience them.

However, not everyone is as nurturing and caring as a Cancerian business and so it may struggle with the realities of business like customer complaints and refunds – if you as the business owner have a lot of Cancer energy too – outsource your customer service!

Example Business: Natalie Trusler – Natalie has gorgeous offerings around creating beautiful handmade items as well as doing them with your children, for your children or whilst parenting your children. She even has a sewing circle for mums.

Leo – The Creatress/Celebrity

Keywords: Warm, Inspired, Bold, Courageous

It’s important that a dominant Leo business is seen and heard for all that it has to offer and is able to express itself creatively. Dominant Leo businesses just want to have fun and you’ll feel a tad jealous watching them do it!

Example Businesses: Susan Hyatt – is known for fairly outrageous outfits, exuberant confidence, an ability to make fun of herself and just has that “look at me” vibe.

Virgo – The Grounded Healer/Planner

Keywords: Analytical, Organized, Detailed

It’s important that dominant Virgo businesses are built on a sense of order and are also able to be of genuine and practical service. If either one of these things is missing then the business simply cannot flourish.

Example Businesses: The Home Edit – could this business be any more Virgo? Built around the ability to organise and colour code just about Anything! But the business also still has that Virgo classic style.

Libra – The Harmonizer/Lover

Keywords: Peace, Diplomatic, Balanced, Just

It’s important that dominant Libran businesses are able to create beauty as well as harmony. These businesses care about doing business in a way that is just and fair whether that’s in relationships, its use of materials or its impact on the environment. They care about beauty but not at the expense of what is right.

Example Businesses: Floral Street – Floral Street is a gorgeous perfume Company whose branding and packaging are not only divine but their products are also vegan and cruelty-free, sustainably sourced, recyclable and made from clean ingredients.

Scorpio – The Wild Woman/Alchemist

Keywords: Passionate, Intense, Deep, Magnetic

It’s important that dominant Scorpio businesses go deep (and sometimes dark) in order to help people or society experience transformation. These businesses are not for the faint of heart but if you are brave enough to enter you’ll leave transformed.

Example Business: Kelly Diels – The dark colours, the snake imagery, her focus on change and power. This brand oozes Scorpio.

Sagittarius – The Seeker/Evangelist

Keywords: Worldly, Philosophical, Optimistic, Expansive

Sagittarian businesses need to be free to keep evolving, growing, experiencing and teaching others. Stagnancy is their enemy and exploration is their joy. They are here to support the collective expansion of minds, people, and the planet.

Example Businesses: Nisha Moodley – Nisha Moodley is the epitome of Sagittarius in my mind, her brand oozes travel and different cultures – its colours are rich and experiences mind-expanding.

Capricorn – The Sovereign/Ruler

Keywords: Masterful, Goal-Oriented, Ambitious

It’s important that Capricorn businesses pursue mastery, success and recognition. These businesses have big goals and the stamina to achieve them. What others might think of as too hard is childs play for a Capricorn business so it’s important to always have lofty goals that inspire action.

Example business: Hello7 is the brand created by Rachel Rogers and it oozes mastery, goal orientation and achievement. It is bold yet still earthy. The slogan – we can all be millionaires – speaks to the hard-working and ambitious nature of Capricorn.

Aquarius – The Rebel/Maverick

Keywords: Futuristic, Altruistic, Rebellious, Detached

Aquarian businesses are born to be different, ahead of their time and vital to innovation and progress. Anything that is too mainstream, normal or repetitive will bore this business to death so it is important to create a business model flexible enough to follow the lead of its innate creative genius.

Example Businesses: Tara McMullin – I’ve followed Tara on and off for a long time. Her brand is smart, innovative, future-focused and concerned with the collective. Her current messaging is all about “the future of work”. And her logo is basically the Aquarius glyph!

Pisces – The Mystic/Dreamer

Keywords: Intuitive, Sensitive, Psychic, Compassionate

A dominant Pisces business needs to prioritise creative download time because this is the lifeblood of their business and without it, they wither and die. Pisces businesses should also be careful to design their offerings in a way that works with their non-linear style. 

Example Businesses: Leonie Dawson – this one was a no-brainer for me. Leonie is like a mystical neuro-diverse fairy on psychedelics! She is really not of this world and has found a way to make that work for her. Her work is uber-creative, sometimes dreamy and always fun.

My Business’s Dominant Archetypes

In my business chart, the dominant archetypes are Gemini and Sagittarius. I have a Gemini sun, mercury, mars and DC angle and a Sagittarius rising and moon. My business also has a Leo North Node.

These zodiac signs closely align with my natal chart, making it easier to harness their energy. 

I embrace the Gemini energy naturally, as it aligns with my business’s core work of writing, speaking and teaching. 

Sharing my business’s Sagittarius energy, through my search for knowledge, illumination, love of travel and learning is easy for me and I provide services in true Sag style as a guide and mentor.

I’m leaning in more my business’s Leo energy, becoming more visible in my niche as an expert authority in business astrology and getting broader recognition through my publishing deal with Hay House. 

My brand muse is Nisha Moodley because she beautifully embodies the Sagittarius, Gemini, and Leo archetypes and she also carries herself with a sense of calm and a touch of mystery that is inspirational to me.

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