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When I was studying Astrology I became fascinated with how our money & abundance potential shows up in our Astrology chart and how we can look to our chart to maximise the flow of money into our lives in other word, our Abundance Signature.

Last year I created a money and abundance astrology training for my mistressmind and we dove deep into their Abundance Signatures. I knew that this training had to be available more widely.

As the Covid-19 virus hit and so many of us were confined to our houses I realised that now was the time to provide this training so that people could step back, reflect and re-orient their businesses in this new world.

I do think we are moving into a new world, we’ve realised just how dependent we are on each other, how interrelated we are and how something can bring us to our knees (so to speak).

We may find that global pandemics are a more common event and I think we should consider how to make our businesses’ pandemic-proof.

But first, we need to understand our Abundance Signature.

your abundance signature

What is your Abundance Signature?

Your Abundance Signature combines 5 elements:

  1. Your Money & Abundance Houses and the planets within them
  2. Your Money & Abundance Aspects
  3. Your Money & Abundance Cycles
  4. Your Money & Abundance Superpowers
  5. Your Money & Abundance Energy
Your Abundance Signature

I’m going to briefly explain each of these and give you some insight into how they play out in my chart.

Your Money & Abundance Houses & the Planets within them

money and abundance astrology houses

The two money and abundance houses are the 2nd House (entrepreneurial potential) and the 8th House (other people’s money). 

In my program Astrology Abundance we look at the sign of your 2nd and 8th house, the ruler of your 2nd and 8th house and the meaning of any planets we find there.

My 2nd House & planets found here

I have a 2nd house in Scorpio meaning that I can be secretive when it comes to money and I like to be in control. 

I have Mercury in the 2nd house meaning that I generate money through my business through speaking, teaching, and writing. 

I also have Uranus here meaning that I experience highs and lows in how I attract money and money is also how I experience freedom and rebellion. 

My second house ruler is Pluto, Money and earning it through my gifts and talents is a transformational experience. 

My 8th House & planets found here

My 8th House is in Taurus which is ruled by Venus (the main money planet). So there is the likelihood of money gained through other people – clients, inheritance and marriage. This is likely as both my husband and I will inherit from our parents.

Money is a way that I feel secure and also create luxury and comfort. Taurus indicates a steady and grounded money partner in my husband.

I don’t have any planets in this house other than Chiron – the wounded healer – so other people’s money is both a core wound for me and a path to healing. I’ve written in the past about how money has been used in my family of origin as a means of control and power (my 8th house!).

My signature here really indicates a need to break free from this power and to create my own financial freedom.

You can read more about planets in these houses here.

Your Money & Abundance Aspects

money and abundance astrology aspects

When we look at your chart for your money signatures we generally focus on aspects between Venus and Jupiter and we also specifically look for aspects to Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. Mars & Saturn also tell us quite a bit about your inner drive to create wealth.

In my program Astrology Abundance, I direct you to the key aspects to look for and what they mean about your Money and Abundance Signature and how to harness them or in the case of more challenging aspects how to work with them.

My lifelong money signatures (or Money & Abundance Aspects) are:

  • Venus sextile Mars – the ability to make money fast and with Mars in the 4th house from a home-based business.
  • Venus conjunct Pluto – The potential for big money and in the 1st house through myself (personal brand) rather than a product. 
  • Venus trine my MC – There is positive energy between my personal receptivity and magnetism (1st house) and my career and I should use this to my advantage.
  • Jupiter Square Mars – There is a potential to overspend and I need to be careful with this and use tools such as budgets and financial planning to minimise this.
  • Jupiter conjunct Saturn – I have lifelong wealth potential and stable and enduring wealth and in the 1st house through myself (personal brand).
  • Mars square Saturn – I have the drive to succeed but with some setbacks or challenges.

Your Money & Abundance Cycles

money and abundance cycles

We can look at your transits chart for information about the Money & Abundance Cycles you are going through right now (or will soon go through) and how to harness them. We typically look for transits from Venus and Jupiter and transits of planets through your 2nd and 8th house.

In my program Astrology Abundance, we look at the 2nd and 8th house transits and then there is an advanced transits lesson for those who are ready to look at other transits including conjunctions, sextiles, trines, squares and oppositions to money planets.

I don’t have any 2nd house transits currently but I am in the middle of a long term transit of Uranus through my 8th house and short term transit of Venus through my 8th house.

Venus over the 8th house certainly indicates a good time for selling and so the timing is quite good for launching this course!

Uranus over the 8th house indicates some ups and downs in shared resources and finances and a need to stand on our own two feet financially (which has certainly been a theme!).

We have experienced lots of ups and downs with other people’s money during this transit including my father-in-law buying us a new boat (!) and major alienation from my father for a while over money issues.

Uranus is here until early 2027 so it’s time for me to buckle in and enjoy the ride!

Your Money & Abundance Superpowers

money and abundance superpowers

In Astrology Abundance we also look at some additional points on your chart that provide us with additional information about your Money & Abundance Signature.

This includes a goddess asteroid, a fixed star, an Arabic Part, and an Anaretic degree.

Sounds interesting hey! You’ll have to join the program to learn more!

Your Money & Abundance Energy

money and abundance energy

We can look to your  Progressed Venus for information about your evolved receptivity and magnetism and where your abundance is likely to come from.

In my program Astrology Abundance, I introduce you to the concept of Progressions and how to find and interpret your progressed Venus.

In my case, my progressed Venus is in Sagittarius over the third house of communications confirming the importance of writing, teaching and communicating to how I earn money and doing it in a visionary, expansive and philosophical way.

Bringing it all together

As you can see looking at these five areas in your chart can provide you with detailed information around how you best attract and receive money including the best way for you to earn it through your business and the planetary helpers and hinders that are influencing your current reality. 

We can tune into the current life-cycles and energy relating to abundance that you have and how to best harness this energy for maximum results.

We finish the Astrology Abundance program by creating a plan to re-align your business and your life to open up the money & abundance channels for maximum success.

Want more?

Get started by grabbing my Fortune & Fate Astrology Toolkit here – just $29USD.

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