Money astrology

I often have clients ask me about Money Indicators in their Astrology Chart – in other words, what their natal or business astrology chart means about their money and wealth potential.

The answer is not a simple one but I thought I’d share with you some of the things I look for when assessing the wealth potential of clients.

But first I want to make it clear that these are simply indicators, not having the most perfect money placements doesn’t mean you are doomed to poverty. 

In fact, it is quite the opposite – oftentimes some more challenging placements provide the challenge needed to create the tension for you to take charge of your life and your finances! 

Many of the wealthiest people in the world have more challenging money aspects in their charts.

My process to assess money indicators in your chart

So imagine I am doing a natal chart reading and a client has asked me about their money potential, I would likely do the following in roughly this order:

  1. Look at the position of the money and abundance planets Venus & Jupiter
    1. Are they prominent ( a chart ruler, on the ascendant or MC angle)
    2. Do they have mostly positive aspects (e.g. lots of trines and/or sextiles)
  2. Look more closely at the specific aspects that Venus is making – are they mostly positive (a good sign), are they positive but with some constructive challenges (perhaps involving Mars or Saturn), or is there most challenging aspects (squares and oppositions)
  3. What signs rule their 2nd and 8th houses – the money houses. In particular, if they are ruled by Taurus and Scorpio (the money signs) this is a good indicator
  4. Do they have several benefic planets in the following houses
    1. The 2nd house – strong signatures of success through your own business because it rules creating resources from your strengths and talents
    2. The 4th house – can indicate family money and real estate if Venus or Jupiter is here or positively aspecting other planets here.
    3. The 8th House – can indicate money gained through partnership or inheritance
    4. The 10th House – can indicate wealth through your career Venus or Jupiter is here or positively aspecting other planets here.
  5. Check to see if they have the millionaires or billionaires aspect in their chart along with some other specific money aspects
  6. Finally, I would check some other money and abundance indicators such as Asteroid Fortuna, the Part of Fortune, Fixed Star Regulus, and the Millionaires Degree

So you can see it is about a money constellation. story or signature that your chart tells us not one specific placement or aspect.

Want to learn more about Money Astrology?

If you want to learn about your money signature then check out my Astrology Abundance course . It includes detailed interpretations for your specific money and abundance signature.

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