In my last blog, I wrote about 2023 and the year that was. In this blog, I want to tell you about my 2024 intentions including my astrological energy and numerology for 2024, and my plans for 2024.

My Astrological Energies for 2024

So what I find super interesting but also a little daunting for 2024 is that I have the combination of it being an 8-year numerologically (for me and in general), I have the sun and Mars on my MC angle in my solar return chart – another indicator of a landmark year AND I have the start of my Uranus Opposition starting from June!

This is one of the mid-life crisis transits and can be very challenging.

That being said, how difficult these mid-life crisis transits are depends to a large extent on the condition of the planet natally in your chart.

My previous mid-life crisis transits Pluto square Pluto and Neptune square Neptune were really difficult but this is not surprising as natally my Pluto is square with my Moon and my Neptune is conjunct with my IC and therefore square with my Ascendant and Descendant. In other words, these are challenging planetary energies for me natally so a big lifecycle transit is likely to be quite difficult.

My Uranus on the other hand is trine my Descendant and my Moon, conjunct my sun and is part of a grand trine in my chart. It is a much more positive energy for me natally.

The Uranus opposition involves my 2nd house and 8th house so I expect any challenges will relate to how I earn money or how money comes into my life. I feel like my business is changing in this way with my publishing relationship with Hay House bringing new opportunities to how I earn money through my business. So no I am not naive to think it will be easy but I suspect it will be far less challenging than the previous transits – especially because I have done the inner work that they asked of me. I do have a Jupiter opposite Uranus transit in May involving these two houses as well which will likely have to do with expansion through partnerships (Jupiter oppositions are often not as negative as most oppositions and generally involve partnerships or relationships). 

In addition, I am starting some other longer transits including:

Pluto square Venus which starts in February and goes through to January 2026! This is a long transit and one that I feel has the potential to be more challenging than the Uranus opposition. 

Chiron square Moon from March 2024 to February 2025 – I feel that this will likely relate more to personal issues, in particular my father’s cancer battle.

Chiron trine Neptune (7th and 3rd house) brings a beautifully supportive energy to my communications and partnerships throughout the year with two direct hits in 2024 and a further one in 2025.

Chiron opposite Pluto has a massive FIVE direct hits between June 2024 and March 2026 and is likely to be one of my more challenging transits to work with over the next couple of years.

April-June is a powerhouse time for me with some shorter positive transits including:

  • Uranus trine Ascendant 
  • Jupiter trine Ascendant.
  • Saturn trine Mercury transit with three direct hits which I feel will be supportive for working on my various writing projects.
  • Auspicious North Node trine North Node transit in May which is a powerhouse time for pursuing my soul purpose 
  • Followed by a Jupiter lifecycle transit of Jupiter trine Jupiter and 
  • Jupiter trine Saturn in June – a great time to check back in on my goals and plans and reset for the second half of the year.

I must harness this time and consider it when constructing my annual plans.

If you would like to dive into your annual transits and powerhouse times check out my year ahead reading.

2024 intentions and goals

My Numerology

2024 is a 8-year for me. 8 Years are very powerful years and a year of culmination. My biggest year ever in business occurred during a personal 8-year so I’m pretty excited about what 2024 will bring.

2024 is also universally an 8-year so you can read about the energy of the year below.


Abundance, Infinite potential, Reward, Recognition, Attainment, Worth, Wealth, Health, Pride, Courage, Strength and power.

This year you may feel destined for greatness – because you are. Whatever is meant for you will find you this year – whether that is a new job, relationship, home, or project. It is a year of infinite potential and abundance.

After a slow year, the 8-year is noticeably different with big decisions, big events, and significant success and achievements.

You have been climbing your metaphorical mountain for a while now and this is the year that you reach its peak.

All aspects of your life will get a boost of luck and abundance and you will be rewarded and recognized for your hard work through opportunities for expansion. It is important to look back and see how far you have come and enjoy the rewards of your effort.

You will likely feel magnetic and alluring this year, you may attract positions of leadership but remember that you need to be an active player in the opportunities that come your way.

You can find out more about how to find out what numerological year it is for you here.

My theme word for 2024

I’ve discovered a funny thing over the last couple of years, and by this, I mean that my mind tends to pick a word of the year that is different from the word my soul wants.

What I’ve discovered is that both can co-exist quite peacefully but it’s important to not deny the word my soul wants to come through. I discovered my soul word using my Akashic Records meditation (you can access this in my Your Soulful Year program).

This year my mind told me that my word was Luminous. I loved this as a connection back to astrology and the Luminaries (or the sun and moon) as well as the definition of the word Luminous – “giving off light; bright or shining.” You see this year in my solar return chart my solar return sun and Mars are on the MC angle so being visible and shining are very aligned.

Back to my soul word, when I did the Akashic records meditation out of nowhere the word Illustrious came into my mind, I hadn’t remotely considered this word previously but it felt powerful and I’ll admit a bit overwhelming but when I looked up the official definition of the word – “well known, respected, and admired” this too felt so aligned with my solar return chart. 

Combined they speak to shining my light and being recognized and respected for my work.

So I thought about this and the phrase (rather than word) that came to me was “Illustrious Luminary”. A luminary is someone who “ inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.”.

Again this spoke so clearly to my solar return chart and to my goals for 2024 to be more visible, recognised, respected, and prominent in the field of business astrology. 

So that’s my word(s) of the year. What’s yours? You can find out more about my process to pick my word for the year here

How I’m making this real

To help me make my word (or phrase) for the year real I always do a mindmap of what it means to me and how I can live it out. 

Some of the things that I wrote down were:

  • Focus on being a prominent Business Astrology Expert and focus on my most purposeful and aligned business activities that relate to this.
  • Be pioneering and brave in my approach
  • Invest in my success – this means investing in a program that is a stretch but that I’ve identified will help me meet my goals for 2024
  • Work on my keynote talk so that I can book more speaking engagements
  • Resubmit my book proposal to Hay House and start writing the draft
  • Plan a strategic and powerful oracle deck launch with Hay House 
  • Take regular writing retreats to stay on track with, and prioritize, my big goals
  • Complete the Astrology Diploma that I am halfway through which will allow me to get my certification recognised by a higher body
  • Finish writing my Level 2 courses
  • Plan easeful and successful launches of my programs with a clear and strategic plan for the year
  • Continuously improve the certification so that our customers continue to rave about our program and our people.

Supporting Themes

I always pick some supporting themes (or pillars) for my year. These are additional themes that I want my year to be based around. The mind map helps me to be clear on what these pillars are.

In 2024 these supporting themes are

  1. Double down on my niche expertise
    • Finalize my book deal by submitting my proposal and negotiating with Hay House
    • Release work and offerings that are not in alignment with my Business Astrology expertise.
  1. Continuously improve the Business Astrology Certification
    • Work with my team to identify further improvements to our platform and training
    • Document more systems and procedures to allow the easeful expansion of our team
    • Listen to what our customers want and need
    • Expand our services to support each stage of our customer’s journey
    • Empower my team to provide outstanding customer service and support
  1. Spread my message far and wide
    • Create a keynote talk so that I can spread my message and be asked to talk around the world
  1. Be pioneering and brave
    • Go after my big dreams and goals with an expansive and optimistic mindset
  1. Set a clear and strategic annual plan including:
    • Relaunch of the business astrology oracle deck with Hay House with plenty of space to give it adequate focus
    • A plan for all my major launches for the year
    • Quarterly solo writing retreat 
    • Book writing time
    • Time for writing Level 2 courses
  1. Invest in my success
    • Make smart and strategic investments in myself, and in the business, 
    • Complete my astrology diploma so that I have the recognized qualification to my name (as well as being able to apply for higher recognition of my certification program in 2025).

This means that as I make decisions I ask myself:

  • Does this align with my annual plan?
  • Is this improving our core Business Certification offering?
  • Does this take me away from my laser niche focus on business astrology?
  • Am I empowering my team members right now?
  • Am I being brave and pioneering?
  • Does this support me to spread my message far and wide?
  • Is this aligned with my intention to invest in my success?

You can find out more about my process of picking my word for the year and supporting themes here.

2024 Intentions

2024 is going to be a big year for me with a lot of really exciting things going on.

Because of this, it can be quite hard to narrow in on a few concise goals.

If you are struggling with this too, I think this often comes down to us getting somewhat confused with the difference between:

  • Our overall intentions, 
  • Our strategic goals for the year, and 
  • Business as usual activities and lower-level goals

So to begin with my high-level intention for 2024 is:

“to harness the momentum and opportunities at my disposal – both astrologically and otherwise – to achieve break-thorough success that will support me well into the future.”

2024 Goals

My goals in 2024 are to:

Next comes the most important moving parts to achieve my intention – these are my non-negotiable strategic goals that (no matter what) I want to achieve. 

They are a mixture of goals that I’ve classified as revenue growth, revenue stability, business foundations,  and recognition goals (or goals to make myself and my business more recognized in its field).

I write out the goal being as specific as possible, I then determine the high-level strategy to achieve it, assign a goal category (or categories), and assign a due date. I then add these into project management software (I use Clickup but I am currently testing out Motion for day-to-day task management) so that I am reminded as goal deadlines come up.

#GoalHigh-Level StrategyGoal CategoryDue Date
1Block out time from August to October to write my book draft including a writing retreat.Create a strategic annual plan and monthly plans to implement it including a Level 1 and Level 2 intake along with a Business Mentoring Program and live rounds of my AstroBranding courses.Revenue Stability30th April 2024
2Submit my revised book proposal to Hay House and have a book deal offer.Block out time to update my book proposal and submit it by mid-FebruaryRecognition 30th June 2024
3Write and create training for the three remaining Level 2 courses.Block out time in my calendar weekly to write and create my Level 2 training as well as schedule a writing retreat each quarter.Business Foundations31st July 2024
4Finalize Book DraftBlock out time from August-October to write my book draft including a writing retreat.Business Foundations30th October 2024
5Generate at least 25% growth in business revenueTrack my income on a daily and monthly basis against my financial goal and focus on list building which is a crucial factor in revenue growthRevenue Growth31st December 2024
6Successfully relaunch the business astrology oracle deck with Hay House (I’m yet to set a specific tangible goal for this but will do so in consultation with Hay House closer to the time)Strategically plan out in advance the moving parts for the Business Astrology Oracle Deck with Hay House and work consistently towards it.Revenue Growth
31st December 2024

It is worth noting that these are my high-level annual goals – I also have goals for each quarterly which may be some or all of the above and some additional shorter-term goals and I also have monthly goals.

I then break these goals down into weekly and daily tasks.

Tip: Make your goals a reality – declare it and make it real publicly (to your list, on your blog, on your social media, or in Facebook groups).

A year from now

If you are struggling to get clear on your intentions and goals it may help to do a writing exercise that I call “exactly a year from now”.

To do this you need to put yourself in the space of where you want to be in 12 months and what you would have liked to have achieved.

I start my statement by writing “Exactly a year from now I am so proud of what I achieved in 2024”….

And then I proceed to list out the things – whether business or personal – that I have achieved, manifested, experienced, etc.

My statement for 2024 goes like this:

exactly a year from now I am so proud of what I achieved in 2024, I have successfully launched the Business Astrology Oracle Deck with Hay House and exceeded my launch expectations, and received many accolades and positive feedback and reviews from both customers as well as astrology luminaries and institutions.

Hay House has offered me a book publishing deal and I am well on my way to finalizing the book manuscript for a 2025 launch date.

I’ve achieved six-figure launches for my business astrology certification programs and the certification is in a massive growth phase.

I’ve traveled to the USA ,Europe and the UK for business as well as to Bali for pleasure.

All of my level 2 courses are written and created and I have submitted all my diploma assignments.

I have become globally recognized as one of the preeminent experts in the field of business astrology, a thought leader who is sought after to speak at conferences and events and to collaborate with other thought leaders in this field. 

I have developed supportive and collaborative relationships with other business astrologers with a deep knowledge that there is room for all of us to shine and grow.

My family is secure and happy and so proud of all that I have accomplished, we have more lifestyle freedom than ever before and can indulge in our love of travel and premium experiences. The business has well exceeded what it needs to operate and I’ve managed to pay lump sums of our mortgage.

The future feels bright and I feel so lucky to have created the business, and life, of my dreams.”

Wow just writing that felt amazing, give it a try for yourself!

My Affirmation for 2024

I also like to write a short but powerful affirmation for my year ahead, this year it is:

“I am an illustrious luminary in the field of business astrology”

Now it’s your turn!

I gained so much additional clarity and positivity from writing this blog about my 2024 intentions and goals. I encourage you to go through a similar process for your own business and you can do this with the help of my annual business intention setting and planning framework Your Soulful Year.

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