In my last blog, I wrote about 2019 and the year that was. In this blog, I want to tell you about my word of the year and my plans for 2020.

Theme Word for 2020

2020 word

I wanted a strong, positive and abundant word for 2020, one that imparted a sense of growth, expansion, and prosperity. When I felt into it the word Thrive felt true for me as I feel like it covers both the financial and non-financial elements of abundance and success.

How I’m making this real:

  • Creating solid foundations in my business through the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy
  • Pursuing momentum by staying focused on my Astrology Academy & publishing my first book
  • Having a clear focus, alignment, and purpose to my work
  • Creating regular recurring income through things such as my 2020 Astrology Bundle
  • Being known for soulful launching and business astrology through blogging, educational social media, podcast interviews, paid speaking, academy courses and writing my book
  • Astrology readings and select premium 1:1 clients
  • Charging in alignment with my worth, my skill and my experience as well as my attention to detail and quality products and services.
  • Taking at least 6 weeks leave this year
  • Continuing to depth my astrology knowledge through additional study
  • Taking a 10 year anniversary trip with my Husband
  • Taking a week in Fiji with my biz besties to fill up my cup!

Supporting Themes:

I always pick some supporting themes for my year. These are additional themes that I want my year to be based around.

In 2020 these themes are:

  1. Be known and respected for Business Astrology
  2. Create the highest quality Business Astrology Academy
  3. Be on purpose and aligned so that money, clients, and opportunities flow
  4. Be free and empowered
  5. Be receptive to amazing opportunities that magnetise abundance to me
  6. Be a responsible custodian of my business and family wealth

This means that as I make decisions I ask myself:

  • Will this support me to be known for Business Astrology?
  • Will this help me to feel free and empowered
  • Will this help me to have a greater impact?
  • Will this allow me to create the highest quality business astrology academy?
  • Will this allow me to feel aligned and purposeful?
  • Is this aligned with being a responsible custodian of my business and family wealth?

You can find out more about my process to pick my word for the year and supporting themes here.

2020 Goals:

  1. Take a cohort of at least 20 students through the Level 1 Astrology Training and develop the certification process
  2. Create 3 new programs for the Academy: Your Astrological Style, Your Astrological Soul and Your Astrological Purpose
  3. Finalise my book draft and send to publishers resulting in a dream book deal
  4. Secure 3 paid speaking events for 2020
  5. Have successful launches for each of my Astrology Courses

A tip for making your goals a reality – declare it and make it real publicly (to your list, on your blog, on your social media or in Facebook groups).

So what is my focus in 2020?

2020 is a 4 year for me.

There is an energy of creating the foundations and maturing into my new focus of business astrology. It won’t all be sexy – there’ll be plenty of head down-bum up work to get things done but I know at the end of 2020 I will feel a huge sense of achievement.

For this reason, my Astrology Academy is my number 1 focus in 2020.

I am still providing forum support to my existing programs, e-Course Launch Formula and Launch Mastery.

That being said my focus is to teach as many female entrepreneurs as possible the art of business astrology as a tool for greater alignment and success.

You can find out more about how to find out what numerological year it is for you here.

My Astrological Energies for 2020

I have a large focus on my 5th house in 2020 which represents children, pleasure and fun and creativity. In 2020 I have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto over the 5th house bringing expansion & luck, structure, and transformation in this area. For this reason, I need to make play and creativity a priority.

Uranus is over my 7th and 8th house continuing to bring highs and lows of change to my marriage and in the realm of other people’s money. We experienced this in 2019 and this energy will continue – we saw it play out with many, many months not talking to my father over a financial dispute as well as unexpectedly being gifted a beautiful boat from my other side of the family. Expect the unexpected with Uranus!

Chiron the wounded healer is also in my 7th House of Marriage and Partnership and will continue to bring healing lessons to this part of my life.

Neptune is over my 6th House of daily routine and Neptune is bringing a sense of disillusionment and confusion over my daily routine not being exactly what I want it to be – but I’ll stay the course as I know the greater purpose it is serving!

Finally, my North Node is moving between the 9th and 10th house making it a great year for me to write and publish my book as well as focus on my business.

In 2020 you can expect to see me:

  • Working on my Book Draft and hopefully getting published!
  • Launching and Creating my three new Astrology courses as well as the existing 2 courses
  • Speaking at events

Looking forward to 2021 I want to see:

  • The first level of my Astrology Certification delivered and complete
  • Creating Level 2 Business Astrology training
  • My first book published with a deal for a second focused on business astrology
  • Recognition for my business astrology work with opportunities to speak at events on this topic.
  • Over 100 active students in my Academy

I encourage you to go through a similar process for your own business and you can do this with my business planning day framework Your Soulful Year Online.

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