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In the online business world, mastermind groups have become mainstays of business success and transformation. However, not all masterminds are created equal, and finding the right mastermind according to your astrology can be pivotal for your business growth. By turning to astrology, we can uncover insightful clues about what type of mastermind aligns best with your unique cosmic blueprint.

Picking the best Mastermind: Understanding Your Natal Chart

Your natal chart is a celestial map of the sky at the moment of your birth, offering profound insights into your personality, motivations, and potential paths to fulfillment. 

Key astrological elements such as your Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with the houses they reside in, illuminate specific aspects of your approach to learning, connection, action, expansion, and structure. As such they can provide powerful clues to the types of mastermind you will thrive within.

The Moon: How You Connect

The Moon in your chart reflects your emotional nature and deepest needs in relationships. It reveals how you connect with others on a profound, intuitive level. So selecting a Mastermind that is aligned with your moon is super important. For example, I have a Cancer moon in the 11th house – so I connect within feminine community – so I tend to seek out female-only mastermind groups with a feminine approach.

Mars: How You Take Action

Mars governs your drive, energy, and assertiveness. It indicates your preferred style of taking action and pursuing your goals. So selecting a Mastermind that will activate your Mars is super helpful. For example, my Mars is in Capricorn in the 4th House so I prefer Masterminds run by experts in their field where we can set a larger goal and then break down the steps to get there.

Jupiter: How You Expand

Jupiter symbolizes growth, opportunity, and expansion. It shows where you seek to broaden your horizons and find meaning in life. By selecting a Mastermind in alignment with your Jupiter you are aligning to how you can best expand. For example, my Jupiter is in Libra in the 1st house – so I expand best in Masterminds that provide 1:1 coaching as part of the framework but that also provide introspective self-development.

Saturn: How you create structure

Saturn represents discipline, responsibility, and structure. It reveals your approach to organizing your life and achieving long-term goals. When you select a mastermind that is aligned with your Saturn you maximise your chances of actually getting the result you desire. My Saturn is conjunct my Jupiter in Libra in the 1st house so much the same applies here – I like the structure of 1:1 coaching and self-reflection.

Exploring Relevant Houses when picking a mastermind

In addition to these planetary placements, certain astrological houses offer valuable insights related to personal development and relationship dynamics:

3rd House (Learning)

The 3rd house governs communication and learning. Understanding this house in your chart sheds light on your preferred modes of acquiring knowledge and exploring new ideas.

My third house has my Sun and Neptune and I am most drawn to learning environments with a spiritual and creative edge. 

7th House (1:1 Relationships)

The 7th house is linked to partnerships and one-on-one connections. It indicates the qualities you seek in close relationships and collaborative endeavors. This is a great place to look to see if you would benefit from a mastermind that includes 1:1 coaching. My 7th house is empty but is ruled by Pisces and Neptune in my 3rd house – so I find having a coach to bounce my ideas off is really helpful to gain clarity and I tend to seek out spiritually oriented coaches. 

9th House (Travel)

Many masterminds offer the opportunity to travel to attend workshops or retreats. It’s important to understand whether this is suited to your best way of working and interacting in a mastermind.

My 9th house is ruled by Gemini and Mercury in my second house – I find it easier to communicate with my mastermind coach and mastermind sisters in-person and I have a Sagittarius sun so I love to travel. I’m often put off masterminds because they DON’T involve a travel opportunity!

11th House (Groups and Community)

The 11th house governs friendships, social networks, and group activities. It reveals your approach to teamwork, community engagement, and collective aspirations. This is a great place to look to see if overall masterminds are aligned for you. I have my natal moon and north node in the 11th house so this is a big indicator of masterminds being really aligned for me – both to participate in – but also lead. My business north node is also in the 11th house in Libra – bringing together 1:1 work and community (perfect for masterminds).

12th House (Rest and Retreat)

The 12th house is associated with introspection, solitude, and spiritual retreat. Understanding this house highlights your need for inner reflection and rejuvenation. It also can reveal whether picking a mastermind with a retreat inclusion is helpful for you.

I don’t have any 12th house planets in my natal chart but I love attending them! My 12th house is ruled by Leo and the Sun is in my 3rd house and I find retreats really nourishing, they help me to tune in and open up and I also tend to get so many creative downloads when on retreat.

Choosing the Right Mastermind according to Astrology

best mastermind according to astrology

Armed with this astrological knowledge, you can navigate the realm of masterminds more effectively. Here’s a guide based on astrological principles:

  • Moon Sign: Seek a group where emotional connection and supportive relationships are emphasized, resonating with your Moon sign.
  • Mars Sign: Join a mastermind that encourages proactive strategies and aligns with your preferred style of taking action.
  • Jupiter Sign: Opt for a group that offers opportunities for growth, expansion, and the pursuit of meaningful goals in line with your Jupiter sign.
  • Saturn Sign: Choose a mastermind with a structured framework that suits your need for discipline and long-term planning.

Consider the emphasis of the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 12th houses in potential masterminds and make sure that you pick a mastermind (or mastermind level) that suits your needs.

Ultimately, finding the right mastermind is about aligning the cosmic forces of your natal chart with a supportive community that empowers your personal and professional evolution. 

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