astrology and your business

Let’s get real bringing a spiritual service like Astrology into your business.

Many of my clients are scared of bringing astrology into their business in an overt way.

They are scared of what it will mean to bring a spiritual service like astrology into their business.

So what is FEAR anyway? Well, when I got my coaching qualification (something which also brought up a lot of fear for me – as back then Life Coaching was pretty left of center!) we learned an acronym for fear.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Well, this was pretty eye-opening for me, it was around this time I learned that I had General Anxiety Disorder and this acronym pretty much describes what my mind was doing (and still does) – it was giving false evidence and making it appear real.

I had to learn to disprove my fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs.

FEAR and astrology

This is something I have to constantly do and it was no different when I decided to completely change my business to be exclusively astrology-focused.

So what were my fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs?

Well, they went something like this…

  • What will my friends & family say?
  • Will anyone take me seriously?
  • Will I break my business?
  • Can I really earn money from this?
  • Who am I to do this?
  • But I’m not uber-spiritual
  • But I don’t write in a flowery way like other astrologers
  • But I don’t want to write horoscopes or analyze famous people’s charts

So yes you would say I had quite a few – but clearly, I didn’t let them stop me!

JACK CANFIELD fear quote

How I overcame my fears about studying and practicing astrology

Firstly I accepted that those fears would always be there – no matter what I did.

Next, I decided to keep my work to myself unless people were genuinely interested – I mean why ask for ridicule? We live in the online world and we can seek out people who want what we’re selling!

I looked at other people’s success and asked myself – why not me? I found other inspirational spiritual online businesses that could be an inspiration for what I wanted to achieve.

I recognised that I had something unique to offer and that what made my approach to astrology different was what would set me apart.

I brought astrology in gradually and I educated my audience along the journey – in other words, I transitioned my business by slowly phasing out other services and offerings and bringing astrology ones in.

I did it all in a way that was authentic and aligned for me – I didn’t try to be something that I wasn’t.

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Your Fears & Astrology

So I know that you have fears about studying astrology or bringing it into your business but I’ll guide you through overcoming these in my free Astrology Biz Incubator.

Join me for this FREE 3-day training program starting soon.

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