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What is the Infinite Astrology Business Mentoring Program?

A strategic and soulful group business mentoring program for practicing astrologers who are ready to take their business all the way 


Students of astrology ready to take the next step towards their business dreams..

I created this Astrology Business Mentoring program because many of my clients and followers wanted to work with me 1:1 but already had their base astrology knowledge and where they really needed help was creating a thriving astrology business.

As someone who has successfully created a multiple 6-figure Astrology business, it was an obvious next step to offer my clients.

Infinite is about realising that an Astrology business can be

wildly abundant, leveraged and scalable

with the right strategy!

We get started on April 11th 2023

who am i?

My name is Kathryn Hocking

I’ve spent the past 7 years studying intensively in Soul & Energy Medicine, Intuitive Arts, Astrology, and the Soul Centres.

I’m an in-demand astrologer, qualified soul, and energy medicine practitioner, and intuitive soul guide.

I'm the creator of the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy and ten business astrology courses covering all of the luminaries and major planets and courses on specific topics such as money astrology, career astrology, and AstroBranding.

I'm also the CEO of Pisces Creative Co - a boutique branding house for Soulful Female Entrepreneurs that combines Astrology & Branding.

I have created a multiple six-figure business focused 100% on Astrology.

Underpinning these soulful modalities is over a decade of experience as a business coach, mentor, and online course and launching strategist working with thousands of clients and running a million-dollar e-Course.

I'd love to help you take your astrology business


Through my astrology business mentoring program

Over the next 4 months in my astrology business mentoring program

we'll come together to...

Masterclass 1 - Your AstroBrand

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Learn what Astrology has to say about your brand 

  • Identify your cosmic strengths and talents
  • Discover how you connect on a soul level
  • Learn about your soul clients & what they want from you
  • Clarify the specific people you help ( your "super soul client"), 
  • Bring it together -  develop a mood board for your visual brand, refine your brand values, and brand voice.

Including a set of my 12 Astrobranding Cards and access to some world-class profiling tools.

You'll discover your AstroBrand and make sure your business is aligned with it.

Masterclass 2 - Your Offering


We'll design the framework for your marketing and income streams including:

  • Your lead generator - your strategic free resource
  • Your trust builder - your super helpful mini-product
  • Your leveraged offering - your medium-large group offering
  • Your Signature Process - your premium offerings and/or specialised readings

You'll design strategic offerings tailored to your soul client and in alignment with your AstroBrand with direct tips and feedback from Kathryn Hocking.


Masterclass 3 - Your Astrology Website


It's time to get your business earning money!

We'll dive into:

  • Your website - design a website structure that works for you and I'll show you how to easily create a simple Squarespace Website
  • Effective Sales Pages - get my sales page formula!
  • Payment and booking systems you need to have a seamless business

You'll learn how to create a professional website that will support you to achieve your business goals.

Masterclass 4 - Your Soulful Marketing 

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It's time to get your amazing business out there!

We'll explore:

  • What your personal planets tell us about how you are meant to communicate, take action and receive in your business.
  • The marketing systems and tools you need
  • a strategy for your Free Opt-in & Nurture Sequence, Email newsletter, Blog, or Podcast & Social Media.

You'll create a marketing plan that is aligned to your soul blueprint so that it feels authentic and easeful.

Masterclass 5 - Your Infinite Implementation Plan

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We'll review what we have learned about your soul-aligned Astrology business and create a practical, sustainable and realistic implementation plan that has you jumping out of bed in the morning (OK so maybe the mid-morning!).

You'll create a plan to follow through on the masterclasses to achieve the master aim of the program.

It's the business of running an Astrology business!

You'll receive

  • Weekly Lesson

    You'll receive a highly practical and actionable lesson each week

  • Weekly Workbook

    A total of 18 workbooks delivered over 4 months

  • Profiling Tools

    You'll discover three profiling tools to support your journey.

  • Weekly Group Mentoring Calls with Kathryn

    Kathryn will host weekly for a group mentoring and implementation calls where you get her advice on your business.

  • Fortnightly Mentoring Call with Mindset Coach

    My team member Megan O'Neill will host fortnightly mindset and implementation calls.

  • Online Community

    You'll receive 5 months private community access to ask your questions and connect with other students as well as share your progress.

  • Gift in the Mail

    You'll receive a beautiful gift in the mail to support your journey

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Fortnightly Mindset & Implementation calls with Megan O'Neill

Thursdays each fortnight 9 am PT, 12PM ET and  Central European Time 5PM

Infinite Coach Megan O’Neill will lead bi-weekly coaching group sessions to guide students to explore ideas from each module and overcome common mindset blocks experienced as you build your business.

This is an opportunity to try out your ideas in a supportive space and learn what blindspots might prevent you from investing your time and money profitably. You will connect with fellow Infinite students for encouragement and inspiration.

About Megan

Megan O'Neill is a Business Mindset Mentor and Certified Core Belief Engineering (CBE) Practitioner who, for over 20 years, has helped women clients break-fee of limiting mindset blocks. Her work specializes in entrepreneurial mindset—assisting clients in understanding and transforming their mindset blocks into conscious action. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband, Kevin and her teens, Sara and Tommy.

The Infinite 17 week Journey

Week 1-6
Week 7-11
Week 12
Week 13-15
Week 16-17

Masterclass 1 - Your AstroBrand

Masterclass 2 - Your Constellation of Offerings

Masterclass 3 - Your Astrology Website

Masterclass 4 - Your Soul-Aligned Marketing Plan

Masterclass 5 - Your Implementation Plan

Your Investment

Enrollment closes in...


$2997 USD Save by paying upfront
  • Live calls for 17 weeks
  • 17 x Weekly lesson
  • 17 workbooks
  • Fortnightly Mindset call with Megan O'Neill
  • 5 months Community Access
  • Gift in the mail

Payment Plan

4 x $824USD best value payment plan
  • Live calls for 17 weeks
  • 17 x Weekly lesson
  • 17 workbooks
  • Fortnightly Mindset call with Megan O'Neill
  • 5 months Community Access
  • Gift in the mail

Payment Plan

6 x $574USD Most flexible
  • Live calls for 17 weeks
  • 17 x Weekly lesson
  • 17 workbooks
  • Fortnightly Mindset call with Megan O'Neill
  • 5 months Community Access
  • Gift in the mail

Kind words

from past participants

"Signing up for Infinite was a no-brainer for me because I wanted to launch my new Astrology business the right way, and the program delivered on my expectations tenfold.

Kath integrates her expertise in Cosmic Branding, coaching, and online business into a program that has set me up for success.

Not only am I building a business geared toward attracting dream clients, but I have also learned where I need to focus and how to manage my business in a way that is wholly aligned with who I am so that I can sustain and grow. Infinite was invaluable!

Rosie Buchanan

celestial style astrologer & PAST INFINITE PARTICIPANT

This is the second program I've worked on under Kathryn's leadership. I am in the process of completing her Level 1 Astrology Certification program as well.

I am also participating from the U.S. and have not felt any difference in delivery or learning ability on my part given the time zone and cultural differences as Kathryn's style is very easy to understand.

I was midway through the certification program when I decided to sign up for Infinite. I had already completed an extensive rebranding process prior to Infinite including a business branding photo shoot.

Integrating my astrological profiles added another dimension to the brand I had already created. While going through Infinite, I found myself aligned very closely to my brand but there were elements I didn't consider that integrated nicely.

This is a very comprehensive program for anyone looking to create or restructure their astrology business. As a result, I am very aligned with my soul client, my offerings, and my marketing which has set me up for success very early on in my astrology business.

If you are in an astrology business now, this will enhance what you are doing now as you may make changes to become more aligned and have a greater impact.

If you are new to an astrology business, this is an essential start to getting your business up and running to maximize your revenue from the beginning

Barbara Alexander

Intuitive and Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Astrologer & PAST INFINITE PARTICIPANT

My YouTube channel finally "took off" bringing wonderful clients and have been invited to speak in other YT  Spiritual channels. I can say now that I'm a full-time astrologer with Readings everyday, also -still working as a designer (I just need this creative field in my life)- but I can choose my clients now, and part of this is thanks to Infinite.

Infinite helped me find the "entrepreneur" that I am, but that was hidden due to my insecurities, money blockages, and my obsession with perfection. The tests you provided (Sparketypes, Love Language, Strengths) did shed a lot of light: I started integrating my Sparketypes and dominant Branding Archetypes (Rebel, Sage, Citizen) into my daily work and oh man... haven't things changed? I got a very clear understanding of who I am and how to make the most of myself and my business, as an entrepreneur. 

Now, knowing nothing about the Entrepreneurial world (as I always worked for others), neither it crossed my mind that astrology could help here. I am so happy I took this course because it gave me all the tools I needed to launch my business in an organized and methodical way (in the end, I will forever be an Essentialist with a Virgo Moon, lol) the content of this course became my Bible. I had a website and Social Media but I knew nothing about Offerings, proper Launching, Sales Page, Marketing Strategies etc. I've been slowly implementing these strategies and my business is looking much better already!

Also, Infinite gave me a whole new perspective about astrology and design (as I'm a designer as well) something like Pandora's box. As a designer, I still use some of the AstroBranding techniques with my clients and guess what? They love the final product!

I know I haven't been active on the platform, but I'm still here, still studying and going over the courses whenever I need it.

Thank you Kat! 

Mayra cortes medina

Designer & Astrologer

For the past five months, I had the pleasure of training with Kathryn Hocking in the Infinite Coursework of her Astrology Business Mentoring Program. I really enjoyed the way Kathryn presented the coursework via the online portal.  She included access to the workbooks and a weekly video to kick off the week.  Then, we met on a group Zoom call to review the material and any questions we had.

The “homework” was always challenging and kept me on my toes! If I got stuck, I could go back to the class portal and chat with the other students.  The collaboration with the other students was fun and helpful as I navigated the assignments. I also enjoyed seeing the progress of the other students.

My favorite part of the coursework was seeing my brand come alive by focusing on the attributes of my Rising Sign, Sun,  Moon and Descendant. Kathryn also shared lots of color choices, brand visuals and help with tweaking brand values and brand voice, all of which was based on my unique astrological signature.

I feel that my website now embodies my true essence, and all of the strategies I learned will help me grow my business, as well.

Thank you, Kathryn!  This past five months was truly life changing and I enjoyed the chance to learn more about astrology AND myself and re-create my brand, while also planning the next chapter of my life!

PJ Spur

Spiritual Mentor


About my Astrology Business Mentoring Program

Denise 22

"Kathryn is such an amazing, soulful business woman. I'm always in awe of her professionalism and thoroughness but she's also so grounded and practical. As a mentor and teacher, she really has that rare combination. Work with her, you'll be glad you did."

Denise Duffield-Thomas

author of Chillpreneur, www.DeniseDT.com

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Refund Policy

14-Day refund period

There is a 14-day refund period for this program however the cost of the gift & postage will be deducted from any refund provided.


If you are not sure if this program is right for you or you just want to see how we connect in person.

(I get it - the vibe is so important!),

Just email me at admin@kathrynhocking.com and I'll be in touch.

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