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Where does launching fit into your business?

Where does launching fit into your business? Throughout many years of creating and launching my own programs, I have often had people tell me that they don’t want to launch because it doesn’t quite fit with their business. But what I’ve found (and have seen to be true with all of my clients) is that there isn’t just one business model that we need to have in order to launch. Launching can fit with every business! So today I’m hoping to answer the question: where does launching fit into your … [Read More...]

How to upgrade your money mindset for your next launch

Do you want to upgrade your money mindset for your next launch? Do you believe that you’ll only ever be able to earn ‘X’ amount of income... because 2X, 3X or 4X simply isn’t realistic? Do you believe that passive income isn’t really possible for someone like you, in a business like yours? Do you believe that no matter what you do, your business will probably just continue to earn the same revenue that it always has? Do you believe that meaningful change (like real, substantial … [Read More...]

Three most common money blocks when launching

Money blocks… we all have them. They might look different. They might come up in different situations. They might be really good at going unnoticed. But believe me, we all have them! And we all have money blocks when launching too! I remember doing Denise’s Money Bootcamp for the first time and thinking that I didn’t have any money blocks. Oh goddess, I was wrong! Since becoming aware of my own money blocks, I’ve become more aware of the ones that pop up with my clients… especially money … [Read More...]

It’s never too soon to start launching!

There’s a little myth that I’ve been hearing from a lot of my community lately… they keep telling me that it is too soon to start launching. I hear this in my community forums. I hear this in my post-launch surveys. And I hear this from the people who I work with one-on-one. And honestly, it just isn’t true. It’s never too soon to start launching in your business. It’s like saying that it’s too soon to start offering your services! Launching is simply another way to share your offerings with … [Read More...]