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What does bravery have to do with business?

What does bravery have to do with business? My dad has always told me that he admires how brave I am. As a child, I was super resilient. I would get hurt time after time and I would still get back up and keep going. Fighting for my dreams was natural to me. I’ve always been happy to travel and explore overseas on my own. I’ve changed jobs almost more times than I’ve changed underwear. I’ve experienced tragic loss that almost broke me but I had the bravery to believe that it was all … [Read More...]

The two reasons why you're stuck in your business

Are you feeling stuck in your business right now? Don’t worry! I’ve been there myself - many times before! Honestly, I felt stuck in my business just a couple of weeks ago. I felt unsure of my future direction and overwhelmed by all of the choices and decisions that needed to be made. But instead of staying in the feeling of being stuck, I dedicated a full day to strategic planning. I revisited all of the information that I had from my previous clients and community. I sent out new surveys … [Read More...]

So you already have a thriving business... Perhaps you’re a coach with a fully-booked out calendar? Or maybe you’re a graphic designer who has clients for the rest of the year? Perhaps you’re a healer who has a waiting list of people who want to work with you? First of all, congratulations! I’m sure you worked really hard to get to this place and your success is so well-deserved! And second of all, I want to ask you a question: what’s next? I’m a big believer that e-Courses … [Read More...]

Lessons and insights gained from six years of list building

Besides from launching and creating online programs, list building has got to be one of my favourite topics to write about. After all, list building has always been a core focus of my business. And I believe it should be that way for all launch-based businesses! But over the years, list building has changed… and the way that we approach it needs to change with it. So here are my lessons and insights gained from six years of list building! Quality over quantity There are so many ways … [Read More...]