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What makes B-School so awesome?

What makes B-School so awesome? It’s no secret that B-School is a very popular program amongst online entrepreneurs. Over eight years of launches and delivery, Marie Forleo has delivered the program to 35,000 students who have come from 130 different countries. From a more personal experience, B-School changed the way that I show up in my business (and is the main reason that I didn’t quit my business long ago). Yes, it was a huge investment for me at the time (my earnings were $600 in the … [Read More...]

Do you struggle to invest in yourself?

Do you struggle to invest in yourself? One of my favourite parts of my post-launch strategy is reading survey responses from my community. I send this survey out on the day after I close the doors to my programs and learn so much for the feedback and responses. An example of some of the questions that I ask include: What was the biggest determinant for not signing up to the program? What do you feel is MOST holding you back? What would it take for you to sign up for the program … [Read More...]

The top six skills you need to succeed in online business

The top six skills you need to succeed in online business I’ve been in online business for seven years now. And while the journey has been fast, when I look back on all that I’ve learnt over the past seven years… I’m blown away! I had no idea what it meant to have an online business when I first started in 2011. I had no idea about marketing or social media or list-building… but I took it upon myself to find out! And along the way, I found my feet. I found the strategies that worked. I found … [Read More...]

What do the Chakras have to do with launching?

Launching can bring up a lot of resistance, limiting beliefs and launch blocks. And after becoming an energy and soul medicine practitioner, I’ve come to recognise that these blocks most often exist in our energetic system. To be truly successful and abundant during your launch, you need to understand what the blocks are, how you can move through them and ways to activate your chakra system while launching.  Step 1: Understanding your chakras & energy system One of the easiest ways to … [Read More...]