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The best essential oils for launch meditation

I love using meditations during my launches and I find them one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure a positive launch mindset. But when you mix meditation with a collection of intentional essential oils… well it doesn’t get much better! Essential oils can help to calm the mind and reduce stress so that you can reach a deeper meditation and really anchor into your intention. To support you in achieving this, I’m rounding up the best essential oils for launch meditation. The best … [Read More...]

The power of using meditations during a launch

The power of using meditations during a launch has been proven to me time and time again. Having launched over 25 times in my own business, I know how important launch mindset is in supporting a successful and abundant launch. And one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure that your launch mindset is one of abundance and flow is using meditations during a launch! According to “The beauty of a guided meditation is that you can bring about change in your body by using your … [Read More...]

Why you need energetic support during a launch

I began studying energy and soul medicine healing without really know how it ‘fit’ into my business. All I knew was that it was calling to me and I had to answer. Deep inside, I knew that if I followed the call then the answer would come. So after two years of study and a lot of time spent wondering how it would all come together, I came across an important realisation… the biggest thing holding people back from launch success is their alignment and mindset. I talk more about this journey … [Read More...]

How to set soulful business goals

For so long in the business world, it feels like strategy and soul have sat on opposite ends of the spectrum. You can’t be a good planner AND be spiritual… You can’t be creative AND organised… You can’t be intuitive AND strategic… But guess what? It’s not true. And I’m going to show you how with my best tips on how to set soulful business goals. How to set soulful business goals Give yourself some space to feel into the possibilities There is a reason I’m writing this … [Read More...]