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Five vital launch steps that you might be missing in your launch plan

There are a lot of different actions to take during a launch and when first starting out - it can feel very messy and overwhelming. It’s easy to convince yourself that launching is ‘too hard’ and ‘just not right for you’. But with seven years of business and over 20 launches under my belt, I’ve discovered my own signature system for soulful launching. With this system, I’ve discovered a few key ‘blind spots’ that a lot of entrepreneurs have with their launch. So here are five vital launch steps … [Read More...]

Creative Devotion in 2018

In my last blog I wrote about 2017 and the year that was. In this blog I want to tell you about my big and exciting plans for 2018. Theme Words for 2018 Primary: Creative Devotion Creative Devotion is about remaining devoted to my soul work even when it feels easier and safer to retreat to my old work. It is also about being devoted to the big creative projects that I want to birth in 2018. Devotion means staying open, curious and free. Devotion means working with, and not … [Read More...]

2017 the year of Trust & Becoming

If 2016 was the year of Surrender then 2017 was the year of trust and becoming. 2017 was about allowing myself to connect deeply to my soul work and to begin letting go of aspects of my business and make space to create new offerings. This required immense trust. Trust that I was doing the right thing… Trust that I wasn’t breaking my business… Trust that people would still want to hear what I have to say… Trust that I could make money without taking on the wounded and broke … [Read More...]

Essential oils and other tools to support your word of the year

If you’ve picked your word for next year already, you might be thinking: what’s next? How do I use this word in my day to day life? How do I connect with it? How do I feel that word throughout the day? Well I believe essential oils and creating an ‘aromatic anchor’ can be a great support. What is an aromatic anchor? Have you ever walked past someone, smelt their perfume and been reminded of a loved one who wears that perfume too? Or maybe you’re out and about when you smell something that … [Read More...]