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5 launch mindset shifts that you need to save your launch

Do you need a launch mindset shift to save your launch? I’ve been doing online launches for 6.5 years. I’ve seen so many things come and go and major shifts happen in the market. I remember back when I could send a few emails, post on social media (and that means just Facebook!) and get 20% conversion. I like to call those the glory days! And whilst the external market is constantly changing and there are always more strategies and technologies to learn... the thing that doesn’t change … [Read More...]

How to plan your launch with the moon cycles

I’ve been planning my launches with the moon cycles for years. But since diving into some more formal astrological training (and learning more and more about the moon and the stars), I’ve realised there are so many ways that you can plan your launch with the moon. Moon Phases One way to plan your launch with the moon cycles is to take notice of the moon phases. There are eight main moon phases to take into consideration and these include: New Moon: this phase is all about … [Read More...]

10 ways to promote your challenge

Just over a year ago, I created and ran my first ever five-day challenge. It was a launch strategy that I’d seen pop up everywhere and I was curious to see the results through implementing it in my own business. So I created the Launch Like A Pro challenge and if you’ve read this blog post or this blog post or this blog, then you’ll know that I loved creating it. In fact, I’m running it for the third time next week and I want to share my strategy with you. So here’s ten ways to promote your … [Read More...]

Do you think your list is too small for an epic launch?

So there is a big myth going around the online world and it says that we need to have a big list in order to have a successful launch. And while I definitely try to honour average conversion rates and be realistic in my launches, I don’t think that your list is ever too small for an epic launch. But maybe you’ve just launched your e-Course or Online Program… and you got crickets? Or you didn’t reach your enrolment goals? Perhaps you struggled to know how to market and promote your … [Read More...]