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Why it is the perfect time to update your goals for the year

According to the traditional Gregorian calendar, the New Year begins on January 1st and this is the ‘best’ time for setting new goals and dreams for the year ahead. But if you look to nature and the universe, you will notice that there are many different cycles that we can follow (I talk about just a few of them here). And these natural cycles are constantly giving us ‘new beginnings’ and the opportunity to set new, bold intentions for ourselves and our business. But today, I want to tell you … [Read More...]

How to work with your natural cycles in business

I really like to achieve my goals in business. I love creating plans and strategies. And I absolutely love taking action. So far, this attitude has been a winner for my business. But believe me when I say… the only way that I’ve been able to achieve my business goals is to do it all in a soulful way with lots of room for flow, alignment and flexibility. So how do I work in this way without losing focus and commitment? Well, it’s all about working with your natural cycles in business. And today, … [Read More...]

The benefits of going on a self-care retreat

The benefits of going on a self-care retreat You probably know by now that I am a huge fan of adventure, travel and a good self-care retreat! I wanted to go overseas when I was in high school and had my sights set on going on exchange after my final year but I didn’t manage to take off until I finished my university degree. In 2012 I went and toured around Rajasthan in India for three weeks with my university friend. Once I started working full time after uni, I took planned annual … [Read More...]

Insights and improvements from running a live challenge

Last year I invested in a new pre-launch list-building activity for Launch Mastery. I’d observed a lot of people running a live challenge over the last few years and I decided to give it a go and created the Launch Like A Pro challenge. The challenge was a huge success and I came away from the experience super excited to grow and improve it (I talk more about the challenge here and here). So when I launched Launch Mastery at the start of this year, I looked at the lessons and results from the … [Read More...]