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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been launching my 2019 Mistressmind– the Your Soulful Biz Misstressmind. This mistressmind has a very strong focus in helping the participants to understand, and deep dive into their personal astrology chart and as a result, become aligned to their soul work and purpose. So in this blog, I'm diving into why I’m so passionate about working with astrology in this Mistressmind and how it can help you in your business. But first, let’s take a moment to … [Read More...]

In my last blog I wrote about 2018 and the year that was. In this blog I want to tell you about my word of the year and my plans for 2019. Theme Word for 2019 Primary: Empowered When I was picking my word for the year I knew it needed to be powerful. I’d spent much of 2018 feeling ‘impotent’ and at the mercy of factors outside of my control. I knew I was ready to take back my power and I felt into words such as ascend, rise and sovereign. However, I just know my word for 2019 is … [Read More...]

In 2018 I had weight loss surgery and since April I have released over 33kg from my body. I’ve healed physically and emotionally, I’ve released a lot of old pain and bad habits and I’ve created new habits and solid foundations for a healthy and vibrant future. And this all feels like an analogy for my year in my business. 2018 was a year of re-setting the foundations of my business and releasing what didn’t serve me so that I could emerge in 2019 more vibrant and aligned that before. … [Read More...]

What does bravery have to do with business?

What does bravery have to do with business? My dad has always told me that he admires how brave I am. As a child, I was super resilient. I would get hurt time after time and I would still get back up and keep going. Fighting for my dreams was natural to me. I’ve always been happy to travel and explore overseas on my own. I’ve changed jobs almost more times than I’ve changed underwear. I’ve experienced tragic loss that almost broke me but I had the bravery to believe that it was all … [Read More...]