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I'd love to invite you into the program as a self-study student! You will also be welcome to join up with the next live round.

Ready to deepen your work with clients and create a profitable astrology business?

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Now is your chance to join us in the Level 1 Business Astrology Certification


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Ellen Holzschuster

"I was so excited to enrol in this wonderful Astrology course, it has been an amazing learning curve, I did not realise how much I would also learn about myself as well as learning about Astrology.

Kathryn is more than a lecturer, she cares about her students and helps you to understand the wonderful world of Astrology."

Kath is such a great business astrologer and teacher. She really cares about her students and makes sure they completely understand the concepts she's teaching.

Having the quarterly 1:1 coaching calls with Kath (in the Jupiter program) is so beneficial! After asking me about my current business, she was able to give me great advice on how to add in the astrology piece to help my clients in the best possible way and make my business stand out.

This is a great program for anyone who wants to be a certified astrologist. Because not only are you learning about all of the nuances of this art+science, you learn how to apply it to your existing business or a new one being created.

"My journey in understanding astrology finally had a breakthrough thanks to Kathryn's courses.

Now going through the Level 1 Business Astrology course gives me the opportunity to confidently use these tools with my clients.

I can't wait to help them on an even deeper level using astrology".

"I love Kathryn's unique and stylish approach to Astrology.

Especially the fact how she combines it with Business Astrology. It's a really insightful and rich program which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Astrology in easy and understandable English!

Thank you so much Kathryn."

Here's what we'll be doing in the Level 1 Certification

Ongoing access to my 10 Astrology courses including live rounds of 10 of these courses.

ESAA Thinkific Course Cards

What we'll learn

Your kickstart course to navigate your way around your astrology chart and understand the key concepts

So what exactly is "the plan"?

How we'll learn

COURSES (Instagram Story) (Instagram Post) (500 × 300 px) (3)


+ lots of hands-on weekly support via live calls and our private community

And New Moon & Full Moon calls every month plus PDF guides

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Achieve a certification from the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy and have the confidence to bring astrology services into your own business.

Level 1 Business Astrology Certification

$3497 (Normally $3997 USD) One off payment, USD Dollars or 10 x $399 USD)
  • Astrology Basics (FREE)
  • Foundations of Astrology (Valued at $199)
  • Your Soulful Year 2021 (valued at $199)
  • Your Astrological Signature (Valued at $399)
  • Your Astrological Style (Valued at $399)
  • Your Astrological Substance (valued at $299)
  • Your Astrological Purpose (Valued at $349)
  • Your Astrological Soul (Valued at $449)
  • Astrology Abundance (Valued at $129)
  • Intuitive & Insightful Chart Reading Training
  • Special gift in the mail
  • New Moon & Full Moon Community Call each month
  • 18 months Community Access
  • Certification Quizzes, Assignments and Feedback x 8 Astrology Courses



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"Kathryn has such a beautiful grasp on how astrology impacts your life and business."

Denise Duffield Thomas

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