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Do you want to extend your astrology skills and become a certified business astrologer?

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With Kathryn Hocking

14 Month Advanced Business Astrology Certification

29th February 2024 - 30th April 2025

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I am so excited to offer you an Advanced Business Astrology Certification unlike anything else on the market.

This program is a soulful and transformational 14-month group journey to take your astrology skills to new heights by learning how to apply astrology to the entrepreneurial pursuit.

This Certification is different from other Astrology Certifications and Training Programs out there because it is focused on Business Astrology.

Business Astrology allows us to tune into our unique skills and talents, work with our natural cycles and flow and harness the best time to launch different projects out into the world.

This is a unique and specific branch of astrology designed to help you align with your natal astrology to create your most soul-aligned business and then if you choose, help others to do the same.

who am i?

I'm Kath!

Expert Business Astrologer

I’ve spent the past 9 years studying intensively in Soul & Energy Medicine, Intuitive Arts, and Astrology.

I’m an in-demand astrologer, qualified soul and energy medicine practitioner, and intuitive soul guide.

I'm the creator of the first Business Astrology Certification and the first of its kind Business Astrology Oracle Deck.

I'm also the chief designer and CEO of Pisces Creative Co - a boutique branding house for Soulful Female Entrepreneurs that combines Astrology & Branding.

Underpinning these soulful modalities is over a decade of experience as a business coach, mentor, and online course and launching strategist working with thousands of clients and running a million-dollar e-Course.

But who am I really...



I'm a 3rd House Sagittarius Sun through and through and this makes me an excellent mentor, teacher, and guide.

My two great loves are travel + learning and when I can combine this it's MAGIC.



I'm an 11th House Cancer Moon and nurturing others and building community is incredibly important to me & work.

I bring a mother hen energy to my work with clients and I care deeply about every one of them.



My virgoan approach to my business and training is what my clients love because I'm organised, focused and planned, with a practical and grounded approach.



With a North Node in Leo and the 11th House, showing up in leadership within my community is incredibly important to me.

My purpose is intrinsically linked to creating a community where every woman can shine.

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IMG_7670 - Amandala
Ellen_Holzschuster_Astrologer for Soulbusiness_2021

I have enjoyed the Level 2 Business Astrology program. Kathryn has taken the content to a deeper level which has solidified what I have learned in Level 1. The calls are interactive and I am getting to know my group on a personal level. It has been rewarding to see my growth in astrology.

  • Martha Towers

Learning with Kath is a soulful and inspiring experience. From the high-quality content, a visually inviting and well-designed platform to Kath's organized and insightful delivery style. I am grateful for the clarity and refinement it is bringing to me and to the development and expansion of my path as an astrologer.

  • Amandala Butler


"I love Kathryn's unique and stylish approach to Astrology. Especially the fact how she combines it with Business Astrology. It's a really insightful and rich program which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Astrology in easy and understandable English! Thank you so much Kathryn."

  • Ellen Holzschuster, Astrology Mentor

The 14 month

Advanced Business Astrology Certification

is comprised of 4 terms and five programs of study and we get started on the 14th February 2024

Term 1

Astrology for Business

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Conduct business readings that help your clients to understand the natural energy of their business and what they bring to the business as well as likely challenges.

Including applying houses, planets, and signs to a business chart and how to conduct business chart readings including synastry analysis of the business owner and the business itself.

Term 2


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Advise clients on the current and longer-term energy Use advanced techniques to help your clients plan for success including personal and business forecasting and tuning into annual energy.

Techniques covered include Transits, Solar Arcs, Solar Returns and Lunar Gestation

Term 3


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Advise clients on selecting the best dates and times for various launching activities such as launching a business, a course or other offering down to the minute.

Including how to conduct a launch reading & use Electional astrology techniques.


Copy of Kathryn, Bilinga (Standard Edit) 091

Support clients to select the best locations in the world to live, work and travel to and how to prepare for travel and the likely energies of the destination.

Including planetary lines (including the main asteroid goddesses), parans & crossings, remote activations, and more.

Term 4

Sacred Feminine Archetypes

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Apply the feminine asteroids and dark goddesses to your client's personal & business charts. We'll also explore how to identify personally meaningful and significant asteroids in a client's chart.

Including Juno, Vesta, Ceres, Pallas Athene, Fortuna, Eris, Lilith, Proserpina, and Hekate.

Plus bonus pieces of training:

  • Goddesses of your Ancestry with Kathryn Hocking
  • Hygeia with Medical Astrologer Kira Sutherland

All courses will include how to use both & Astrogold software to support all these techniques.

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Download the Level 2 Advanced Business Astrology Certification Prospectus

This Program is for you if

  • You have a foundational understanding of the sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, lunar nodes & Chiron in your chart including interpreting aspects and identifying transits.
  • You feel like you are ready to take your astrology knowledge beyond natal chart interpretations & readings
  • You want to deep dive into different applications of astrology to business
  • You want to learn a number of new techniques that you can turn into offerings for clients
  • You want to go through a formal process to test your knowledge and apply your learnings
  • You learn best with the structure of assignments and quizzes
  • It's important to you that your clients know that you have been through a professional and ethical certification program
  • You desire to have an intimate & nurturing community of practicing astrologers and skilled Astrophiles (Astrology Lovers!) to connect with, as well as direct access to a business astrology mentor

What's Included


Live Course Rounds

Live course rounds including weekly live calls and Q&A (these calls are recorded).


Beautiful Membership Site

Beautiful Custom Designed Membership site to enable a beautiful and seamless user experience.

Plus Ongoing Membership to five advanced Astrology Courses.

Oracle Deck (1)

Exclusive Gift

A beautiful gift in the mail including my Business Astrology Oracle Deck.

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Monthly Business Mentoring Calls

Live Group call where you can get direct advice and strategy from Kathryn Hocking about any business issues you are facing or ideas you have.

Get support and feedback as you move through the training and explore how you are going to incorporate these advanced astrology techniques into your business.

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Members Community

Ongoing membership to an active member community of over 50 Astrologers from around the world.

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Monthly Bonus Training

Including Sacred Study, Aligned Launching, AstroOfferings, Astrology & Tarot, Astrology & Numerology and more.


5 Certification Quizzes & Assignments

Quizzes to test your theoretical knowledge and practical assignments to demonstrate your ability to use the techniques with a client as well as your own chart.

Feedback on Final Certification Assignment

Personalised Feedback on your Assignments

Kathryn will personally review and provide written feedback on each assignment.

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60 Minute Business Coaching Call upon certification

After you graduate have a coaching a strategy call with Kathryn to plan how to bring some or all of these new skills into your business.

Our Team

Including support from Head Trainer Kathryn Hocking, Community Mentor Rosie, Accreditation Coordinator Martha, and Custom Support Assistant Charlene.


Community Mentor - Rosie Buchanan

A past Level 1 and 2 certification student, Rosie supports our certification students in the Community with her considerable astrology knowledge and supportive and nurturing style.

Rosie loves to encourage students and to help provide alternative insights and supportive resources (Thanks to Her Libra/7th House North Node and Cancer Sun!)


Certification Mentor & Coordinator - Martha Towers

A past Level 1 and 2 certification student, Martha is responsible for reviewing your certification assignments before passing them on to me to certify them and providing any 1:1 support required to help you fully understand the concepts taught so that you can certify.

Martha loves to coach students and is 100% invested in your success (thanks to her 7th house triple conjunction, Aquarius North Node and Virgo Moon).

D26F199B-4E98-48D6-B5F1-305C8C44A41C - Charlene Mac

Customer Support Assistant - Charlene Mac

A past Level 1 certification student, Charlene is my Customer Support Maven!

Charlene loves to help others and has an eye for details thanks to her cancer rising, libra sun and virgo mercury!


Graduation Gifts

When you certify we’ll provide you with the following:

Complete Business Chart Reading Manual 

All the Business chart interpretations in an easy-to-access manual.

Level 2 Concepts Manual

A PDF comprising all of the theory and interpretations taught in the Level 2

Certification Badge

To place on your website

Certification Certificate

Your gorgeous certificate to recognise all your hard work.


Moon Mastery Guide

(Valued at $59USD)

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 1.09.29 pm_ipad_gold_portrait

Detailed guide to work with the new and full moon through each of the 12 zodiac signs

Biz Astrology Toolkit

(Valued at $199USD)

toolkit-min (1)

Go through my mini training on Business Astrology as soon as you join

Astrology Toolkit Bundle

(Valued at $170USD)


Including my Lunar Planning Toolkit, AstroLaunching Toolkit, Fortune & Fate Toolkit and Past Life Astrology Toolkit


Kathryn is an engaging teacher. She caters to different learning styles by providing audio, visual, and printed material.

The way Kathryn teaches flows and makes so much sense.

It is like she is taking you on an incredible journey full of wonder and delight. I am thoroughly enjoying the learnings that I am receiving.

  • Belinda Yates

I have loved learning about personal and business astrology from Kathryn. She has managed to distill her vast astrology knowledge and business insights into well-organized courses that give you a thorough astrology education and help you get deeply in touch with who you are.

  • Rosie Buchanan, Corporate Lawyer and aspiring AstroStylist

The Certification Community is a great place to connect with the beautiful souls in which we support each other through the learning process.

Kathryn has inspired me to work with business astrology creatively in an innovative way.

  • Jane Tu, Yoga Instructor

"Kath is a patient and nurturing teacher of astrology. She really cares about her students and wants to make sure they know how to apply astrology to their daily lives and businesses."

  • Cate Cook, Mid-Life Coach

Kath has a deep knowledge of astrology and business. She shares her knowledge with a modern approach with joy & laughter.

  • Martha Towers, Registered Nurse and Office Manager



  • The first person to join and pay-in-full will receive a Money and Abundance Astrology Reading and Energetic balance with me worth $499
  • The first five people to join and pay-in-full will receive free access to my Your AstroBrand Map course valued at $499 (Be the first and get both!)

Plus All enrollments will receive immediate access to:

  • my Your Soulful Year online course (Valued at $249).
  • Bonus business training worth over $1,000

Your Investment

Valued at over $11,000 USD

Monthly (14 installments) Pay-in-Full

your investment - save $1300USD

$ 229 * 14$3197
  • Astrology for Business Course (Valued at $997)
  • AstroPlanning Course (Valued at $997)
  • AstroTravel Course (Valued at $697)
  • AstroLaunching Course (Valued at $497)
  • Sacred Feminine Archetypes in Astrology Course (Valued at $997)
  • Exclusive Gift (Valued at over $97)
  • Monthly Bonus Training (Valued at $897)
  • Monthly Group Business Coaching (Valued at $897)
  • Bonus Programs (Valued at over $597)
  • 19 Months Community Membership (Valued at $1997)
  • Five Certification Assignments & Quizzes (Valued at $997)
  • Certification Gifts (Valued at $897)
  • 60 Minute Business Coaching Call upon certification (Valued at $500)

INCUBATOR Discount ends in...


The Schedule

There are 4 trimesters with a break of 3-4 weeks in-between each term to catch-up on study and complete assignments

Kathryn Hocking, Retouched 05b
Term 1 29th February-30th April 2024 Astrology for Business
Break 30th April-19th May Catch-up & Assignment
Term 2 20th May-11th August 2024 AstroPlanning
Break 12th August-8th September Catch-up & Assignment
Term 3 9th September- 13th December 2024 AstroLaunching & AstroTravel
Break 14th December-19th January 2025 Catch-up & Assignment
Term 4 20th January-6th April 2025 Feminine Archetypes in Astrology

*This schedule is subject to change

Additional Training

Kathryn, Bilinga (Standard Edit) 092 about

We'll have regular live course calls including a monthly specialist astrology topic including the below topics

  • Opening Circle & Sacred Study
  • Astrology & Tarot
  • Astrology & Numerology
  • Your Astrology Niche
  • AstroOfferings
  • Aligned Launching

and much more.

We'll also have monthly business coaching calls .


I am a modern evolutionary business astrologer meaning that I use modern rulerships and the Placidus house system (although you are free to use another).


I teach the natal interpretation of astrological placements as well as how to apply them to your (or a client's) business.

None of the Level 2 Courses will be available for individual sale.


​​The next cohort of the Level 2 Training officially starts live teaching on 15th February 2024.

The live training will officially conclude in April 2025.

Not for this program because I am sharing with you my unique and proprietary techniques.

This is an intentional and soulful commitment in which I will show up for you 110% and I ask that you do the same.

I charge in USD as over 70% of my clients are international.

Please check the currency conversion on but note that your bank will convert it into your local currency.

Ideally you will have already gone through a significant course of study in natal astrology including interpreting a natal chart, transits, aspects and progressions.

You should have a foundational understanding of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Lunar Nodes & Chiron in your chart including interpreting aspects and identifying transits.

You may be required to complete a knowledge on the above quiz as part of your certification process.


​​This training is about becoming more aligned with yourself, your business (or future business) and soul work as well as expanding and enhancing your skills as an astrologer.


Just click the buy now button, choose your payment type, register your details, and pay and you are in!



You will receive a confirmation email and invoice and then you will receive pre-work and access to the members site in early March.

I always wait to see the geographical makeup of my groups before setting the time for the group calls.

We may need to alternate times (morning and evening) to suit different regions.

Please be assured that I will be doing my best to accommodate you and all calls will be recorded.

You will need to complete a knowledge quiz for each of the 5 core courses as well as workbooks for each course and submit them.

There will be assignments for each course in the form of a case study or practicum reading.

You will have an additional 6 months after live training concludes to finalise and submit your assessment tasks.

Do you have another Question?

If you are not sure if this training is right for you or just want to see how we connect in person

(I get it - the vibe is so important!),

Just email me at and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

Endorsements from women I admire

Denise Duffield Thomas-min

"Kathryn is such an amazing, soulful businesswoman. I'm always in awe of her professionalism and thoroughness but she's also so grounded and practical.

As a mentor and teacher, she really has that rare combination.

Work with her, you'll be glad you did."

Denise Duffield Thomas,

"Kathryn is a soul seer who truly understands the significance of a woman launching herself in the world.

From calling forth your wildest vision to recalibrating your right to receive, Kathryn will lovingly guide you into your highest energies, so you can rock your soul work and make sure it reaches those who are waiting for it.

Expect to channel some straight-up spiritual truth, earthly support, and Kathryn’s own blend of powerful energetic release."

Melissa Sandon, Creator of the Soul Medicine Academy


"What I love about Kathryn's work is that she understands energetics which makes her an incredible guide and support for creating flow and abundance.

Kathryn's work is profound, comprehensive, and beautiful."

Nisha Moodley, Women's Leadership Coach 

Your next step: Secure your limited place

Kathryn Hocking, Retouched 21

​​Due to the intensive nature of this program, I am limited to how many clients I can support. Over half the places are already taken  so don't delay securing your place.

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