I am so excited to announce my latest soul project and new business the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy is now live.

The Embodied Soul Astrology Academy has been a dream of mine for a number of years now and I have spent the last nine months solidly working to bring this idea into a tangible reality.

embodied soul astrology academy

Why Astrology?

Over the last number of years as I’ve aligned my business and taken a more holistic approach with my clients. I graduated as a soul & energy medicine practitioner and intuitive soul guide but I was still searching for that one modality that I wanted to go deep with. 

All of a sudden  I intuitively knew that astrology was that modality for me. I’m not sure how I knew, I can only describe it as a nudge from my soul and a knowing that I had to follow the call.

I can remember having a dream soon after I started my formal astrology training. In this dream I walked outside and looked up at the sky and right there as I gazed was a massive birth chart. I could see all the houses and zodiac constellations and as I gazed I realised that all my planets were placed exactly where they should be in the chart. Looking at this chart in the sky I got this overwhelming sense like it had always been there but that I just hadn’t noticed it. It was a true coming home moment and I felt my soul’s delight knowing I’d finally found my way back to astrology.

But it’s not as if in my 30s this was my first encounter with astrology. Like many girls, I’d loved astrology as a pre-teen and teenager and I always felt a really strong affinity with my star sign. In high school, I would devour astrology books in the library and try to work out if I was compatible with the lastest boy I liked or what career I’d be most suited to. 

As I got older I bought the odd astrology magazine but invariably gave up trying to go deeper because I didn’t have the right foundation… and honestly I felt a bit embarrassed, like I’d be judged if people knew I was into astrology.

The signs (pun not intended!) were always there that astrology was part of who I was but it took me a while to listen.

Since deciding to listen to the whispers of my soul I’ve:

  • completed a year-long intensive astrology training, 
  • read well over 100 books on astrology, 
  • invested in specialist astrology training & retreats and 
  • worked with multiple well-known astrology mentors. 
  • weaved astrology into my existing programs such as Launch Mastery and Your Soulful Year

I’m also a big believer that the best way to learn is to teach (sounds strange I know!) and so I’ve:

  • worked with over 30 1:1 astrology clients 
  • created monthly astrology training for my Mistressmind clients and 
  • written my first two astrology programs to be delivered through the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy.
  • provided daily astrology insights and training over on my Instagram page and inspiring boards on my Pinterest account
  • written a heap of astrology blogs and
  • created a free astrology basics guide.

The Vision for the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy: 

This academy has been created to support soulful individuals to learn about, and apply, astrology to their life and business.

My intention is to deliver high quality and beautiful training and to provide down to earth and practical astrology education with a focus on effective online training methods.

We will be releasing more and more courses through the Academy that you can pick and choose from with a vision to have a certification level business astrology course within the next 2 years.

I also plan to run live in-person astrology events and retreats.

Values of the Academy

Quality – high-quality astrology training and customer service.

Practicality – astrology training that you can apply to your life and business. 

Soul – soulful insights and connection with your unique essence where nothing is “bad” and you can connect with your natal blueprint and align your life and business.

Beauty – The Embodied Soul Astrology Academy is designed with beauty in mind to enhance your learning experience and how it feels to engage with the learning. 

Connection – Connection with yourself, your soul and with others on the journey of transition and transformation. Connection will be supported through lesson based discussion boards, support from Kathryn Hocking and future trainers as well as Academy events.

Modern – A modern astrology training academy using the best tools and techniques technology has to offer.

Aligning my business

To align my business to support an Astrology Academy I started by creating a year-long mistressmind working with clients intensively using astrology. This provided me with a tester group of astrology students as well as the accountability to create monthly astrology training for them. They have test driven the content that will be in my first few astrology programs and been an enormous inspiration and support to me making this dream a reality.

I rebranded my kathryn hocking website this year and added an astrology basics guide as a key opt-in and I’ve been blogging extensively about astrology for all of 2019. I also added astrology training in my Launch Mastery program in 2018.I also have been providing astrology training bites on my Instagram account and have created a suite of astrology boards on my Pinterest account.

I’ll also be giving my first live talk on astrology at my friend Tammy’s Natex Conference in February next year. 

For those who are wondering, I still run the e-Course Launch Formula and provide consulting and coaching to clients and speak at events on e-Courses and Launch Strategy. The astrology focus brings depth to the work I was already doing and allows me to support my clients so much more.

The Strategy

Over the last couple of years, I watched a friend and mentor create a year-long astrology program and create amazing astrology training each month. It was a superb program but at the end of the year (and frequently throughout it) she felt exhausted, it was a mammoth effort!

I didn’t want to feel that way and so I decided that I would create smaller, bite-sized courses that over time could come together into a longer program but that would not take the emotional and energetic toll to create on such tight deadlines and for such a long duration. If I need to take a break from creation I can, I can go with my natural ebb and flow.

It’s not necessarily a strategy that brings in as much money initially as I am not selling a premium-priced program but I think it will be kinder to my sanity and ultimately achieve the same outcome eventually!

The Name

One of the first steps was feeling into what the name of the academy was and how this would visually come to life. I’m a big believer in landing your ideas visually as early as possible as I believe it provides a needed grounding for your project.

I played around with a number of names and of-course part of the decision was what was available as a URL but the name Embodied Soul was the most resonant. I played around with other names such as Soul Aligned Astrology, Soul Fire Astrology and Soulful Business Astrology.

The name Embodied Soul is about bringing your soul purpose down to earth, grounding it and living it.

The Branding

The next step was engaging a graphic designer to bring the brand to life. I initially engaged Zoe of Gorjo Designs to design a logo for what I thought was my first program ‘Your Astrological Signature’ but then realised I needed to take a step back and get an overall brand (like duh!). Zoe designed a gorgeous brand for me based on this inspiration I sent her.

We played with a few different logo options and then settled on this one. It’s simple and I love it. It has a nod to my Kathryn Hocking brand bringing in the same fonts and a number of my existing brand colours but it also has some beautiful brand textures and elements all of its own.

I wanted the colour scheme to represent both the cosmic and the grounded intention of the academy which is why I have green and blue earth tones as well as a rich purple and gold for the cosmic/spiritual element.

The Programs

I thought that my first program was going to be Your Astrological Signature however when I started designing the program and all the content that people needed to be able to really dive deep into their astrological signature I realised that another program was asking to be born first.

Foundations of Astrology was calling my name and urging me to not rush the process and take people through a solid astrology education before diving deep into the application. 

So, despite having all the content for Your Astrological Signature and even having written the sales page, I pivoted and created my first program Foundations of Astrology.

Future programs launching over the next 6 months will be Your Astrological Signature (focused on your sun, moon and rising sign) and Your Astrological Style (focused on your mercury, mars and venus placement).

Recording the content

So often we tell ourselves that we don’t have time to create anything new and I certainly could have chosen not to do anything new this year based on my available time! It wasn’t easy to find time to create these programs but the way I managed it was one bite sized learning lesson at a time. I just found 20 minutes here and an hour there. 

And then I got a really bad case of flu followed by Bronchitis for over 3 weeks – resistance? Quite likely!

Rather than thinking about the BIG task of recording the whole course I just focused on when I could record the next lesson and once I had recorded half the program I set a launch date for some accountability to get the rest done!

The Videos – Done is better than perfect!

I recorded my sales page and welcome videos whilst in Byron Bay in a lovely hotel room. I had spoken that day at an event and had lovely hair and make-up. I just used my laptop – no fancy lighting, sound or video and I get they are not perfect but they are enough (for now!). Done is better than perfect!

The Platform

Another decision I had to make was how the academy was going to be delivered, what would its home be?

I had a few strategic decisions that informed this:

  • I wanted it to be separate from my Kathryn hocking brand but like a sister brand
  • I wanted a platform that would be well set up for future accreditations and everything that goes with that level of study and learning
  • I wanted the path of least resistance – I didn’t want to wait another 6-12 months working with designers and developers.

I knew that my existing membership platform was not the right choice and so I experimented with two all in one systems – Thinkific and Teachable. Both platforms are great and each has strengths and weaknesses but in the end, I preferred the Thinkific sleek style and the user-friendly back-end design. I would say my biggest issue so far is not having completely seamless integration with my infusionsoft system.

Finding my people

At the start of the year I created my Astrology Basics guide and I have been using that as a key website opt-in as well as a further resource at the end of each blog. This highly useful but simple PDF opt-in has proved extremely successful and we’ve had over 500 opt-ins.

When thinking about launching the academy I toyed with creating a challenge, video series or running webinars but my gut was telling me that getting the astrology basics guide out was the single most effective strategy for right now. I worked with Kellie O’Brien (an awesome marketer and implementor) to create a nurture sequence and she has been managing Facebook ads over the last few weeks getting great low-cost conversions.

The key here is that when you pivot in your business you can’t assume that your existing community will want to come on the journey. I knew that to launch the astrology academy I needed a targeted approach to attracting the right people to my list as well as engaging with my existing community. 

You can check out the astrology basics guide here. 

The real story – pushing through fears and resistance

The last 12 months has been filled with lots of great energy to bring this dream to life. My posts on Instagram have received great engagement, my blogs have driven great (and surprising levels of) organic traffic, my astrology basics guide has been really popular and really easy to get great opt-ins and low cost paid traffic via Facebook ads. My Mistressmind have loved the content and writing modules each month for them has kept me on track to creating my first two astrology programs as well as some future short course products to be sold through the academy.

Sounds great right? Yes, it has been amazing. I have felt aligned, on-purpose and more excited in my business than I have in a long time!


I’ve also be filled with lots of fears. 

What if no-one buys? Who am I to do this? There are lots of more experienced astrologers than me. How will this impact my reputation? Are you fooling yourself?

Many of these fears probably feel familiar because they are pretty typical to anyone creating anything in their business!

Yes I’ve felt resistance. I felt another wave of it as the Academy went live masquerading as thoughts of ‘maybe I’ll just do a really soft launch. I’ll just let people find me. I won’t do much promotion to my list’.

Yep resistance BIG TIME.

What I have learnt of my many years in business is that you need to trust, surrender and follow your soul. There are no guarantees but you have to trust, because without trust you will never do anything great. You need to leap not knowing how soft the landing will be.

Basically, every metaphor you have ever heard about taking a chance applies here!

So that’s the down-low on the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy. I’d love for you to come on over and check out the Academy and take advantage of the pre-launch discount of $100 off Foundations of Astrology until July 31st!

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