Essential oils and other tools to support your word of the year

If you’ve picked your word for next year already, you might be thinking: what’s next? How do I use this word in my day to day life? How do I connect with it? How do I feel that word throughout the day? Well I believe essential oils and creating an ‘aromatic anchor’ can be a great support.

What is an aromatic anchor?

Have you ever walked past someone, smelt their perfume and been reminded of a loved one who wears that perfume too? Or maybe you’re out and about when you smell something that transports you to another place or time or memory? Or maybe there a certain smells that make you happy and certain smells that make you sad?

This happens for me every time I smell peppermint oil. Just the smell of it reminds me of long car trips to Sydney when I was a kid. The car trips would give me motion sickness and the peppermint smell came from the Minties that my family used to chew. So every time I smell peppermint now, I am taken back to those times and start to feel a little queasy.

Now I know this isn’t exactly a positive story but what I am getting at is this…

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And if you work with essential oils in a conscious way then it’s possible to create positive and intentional aromatic anchors – meaning that essential oils can support you in feeling the way that you most want to feel.

This is incredibly powerful when picking your word for the year. You can pick your word and then create an intentional oil blend that help you to feel that way. Then throughout the year, when you want to anchor back into that word, you can use the oil blend to transport you back. How incredible is that?

Tools to support you

Essential oils don’t just have therapeutic benefits, they have emotional benefits too. This means that there are specific oils you can use to feel happy, connected, inspired and any other emotions that you can think of! This is great when creating an intentional oil blend for your word of the year because you can pick feelings that relate to that and find oils to support you.

Here are some of the tools that I use to uncover the emotional benefits of my oils:

Emotions and Essential Oils Wheel

I love my Emotions and Essentials Oils Wheel and find it quick and easy to use throughout the day. On one side of the wheel, you have positive emotions. So if you want to feel inspired, you can find the word and find the oils that relate to that word. On the other side of the wheel are negative emotions and oils that are recommended to support you in those times.

When working with your word of the year, I’d recommend looking at the side with the positive emotions, finding some emotions that relate to your word and writing down some suggested oils.

Essential Emotions Reference App

If you don’t have the wheel then there is also an Essential Emotions Reference App that you can use to search certain words and feelings and find oil recommendations and suggestions. I also love the app as it gives you mantras which you can use with the oil – making it an even more powerful practice to do!

Emotions & Essential Oils: A Reference for Emotional Healing

Finally, if you want to learn even more about the oils and the emotions they can support you with them I love the Emotions and Essential Oils book. This book comes with so much information and is my go-to reference guide for all things emotions and essential oils!

Once you’ve used the tools to identify the oils that might support your word for the year, it comes down to choosing one (or a few that you can make into a blend).

Creating an intentional oil blend

This is often an intuitive practice and there are no rules for doing it right. Gather some oils and start smelling them until you have a combination that you like.

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Once you have the oils, make them into an oil blend in a glass rollerball or spray bottle. Ground yourself while you do this and anchor into your word of the year and all that it means to you. When finished, anoint yourself with the oil. You might like to meditate, say a positive mantra or visualise what it means to be ‘living’ your word of the year. This will all make the aromatic anchor very strong!

Once you’ve created your intentional essential oil blend you’ll want to use it every time you want to feel ‘your word’. This could mean wearing it as a perfume for an important meeting, diffusing it while you do your work or applying it to your skin when doing your morning meditation or visualisation.

The more you use it, and the more positive experiences you accumulate with the oils, then the stronger and more powerful the effects!

Want to know more about creating your essential oil blend and get a list of common emotions and the recommended essential oils to support you?

Check out Your Soulful Year

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