1:1 VIP Soulful Launch Support with Kathryn Hocking

Launching is how we put our work out into the world.

It’s how we earn money. It’s how we set ourselves up for passive income. It’s how we share our gifts with the greatest number of people...

…But it can also be a highly emotional and stressful experience.

For most people, launching feels a lot like...

  • Looking in despair at your 15 page to-do list, not feeling confident that you can get it all done, or that any of it will even work.
  • Freaking out about what people are going to think of you and your product (not to mention feeling insanely uncomfortable with how visible you have to be).
  • Feeling incredibly attached to the outcome (causing you to compulsively check your analytics every few minutes, with a lump of fear in your throat each time).
  • Becoming so convinced that no one will buy, that you end up procrastinating important tasks and sabotaging your own success.
  • Feeling like your entire worth as an entrepreneur rests on this one launch… and becoming convinced, before you’ve even begun, that you’re going to end up disappointed.


Does any of this sound familiar?

This is what launches are like for so many women.

Our desire to succeed is so strong, it becomes a paralysing burden.

Instead of believing in ourselves and doing the work, we get bogged down in a toxic mess of doubt, overwhelm, and procrastination.

And it feels like we’ve got so much riding on this one thing, that we end up closing down in fear —  choking off our very ability to achieve and receive.

In order to ‘fix ourselves’ and ‘get results’, we go searching...

We read blogs, we hire coaches, we sit through awful salesy webinars, hoping to find that one magic piece of the puzzle that will turn our launches around (and make us feel like ourselves again).

...But of course, that never works.

The “online gurus” insist that the answer is in the latest tactics, tricks, and ever more hustle.

But none of them talk about the most important aspect of your launch — the one that determines whether you can keep going day after day, whether you can act in your own best interests, and whether you’re even open to receiving abundance should you manage to attract it…

… yep, I’m talking about your mindset.

You might not have even considered your mindset when it comes to launching. After all, it’s much easier (and much less confronting) to focus on stuff like plugins and platforms than it is to actually dig deep into your own soul and psyche…

Just think:

  • If your mindset keeps defaulting to stress and overwhelm, how are you going to magnetise your ideal customers towards you?
  • If your mindset keeps dipping into doubt and despair, how will you ever believe in yourself enough to do the work?
  • And if your mindset is focused on lack and scarcity, how can you possibly attract abundance?

The thing is, to succeed in your launch, you don’t need another tool, or tactic, or technique — let’s be honest, you already have those in spades.

What you need is to upgrade your mindset. And the swiftest, simplest, smoothest way to do that, is to get support.

You need someone who’ll be by your side through your whole launch — who’ll help you get out of your own way, see your own shit, and clear out your blockages.

You need someone who’ll keep you grounded when you’re anxious, calm when it’s storming, and to raise your frequency when you’ve lost touch with your own innate abundance.

You need someone who can help you birth your product into the world in a way that actually feels good and that opens you up to receiving.

…. In short, what you and your launch need, is a midwife.


The concept of ‘Soulful Launching’ is about bringing your whole feminine self to launching, saying no to the endless hustle, and learning to connect to your intuition.

It’s about getting really aligned, so that you can activate your abundance and magnetise results towards you.

And it’s about maintaining your sense of self (and your sanity!) while you kick massive goals with more ease and elegance than you ever thought possible.



"I just want to take a moment to share about my Launch Clearing Session. This was by far the BEST thing I could have done for my launch. I knew that deep down there were energetic and emotional things that were holding me back from launching to my full potential. Not only did Kathryn help me express and clear the things I knew about, but she also helped me uncover things I wasn't consciously aware of that were blocking my success. For my recent pre-launch enrollment, my team and I set a goal of $35k in sales (while working to balance masculine with feminine energy and stay in alignment). Not only did we reach that goal, but we closed our pre-launch sales at $81k (more than double our goal!). And I KNOW that was because I was able to clear things that were holding me back and release things that were draining me. I was able to truly open up to the abundant support from the universe. Thank you SO much, Kathryn!"

Ashley Leavy, Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy





So 1:1 Soulful Launch Support?

This is where I focus my considerable resources — energetic, healing, strategic, and more — on YOU, to help you birth the most aligned, abundant, stress-free launch of your life.

How did this come about?

I’ve been launching for the last six years and I’ve completed over 25 launches and generated over a million dollars in online income.

But a few years ago I sensed that my clients needed more than “just” my strategic support.

They needed support to clear their blocks and limiting beliefs, open up to receiving, ensure alignment with their launch activities and goals and most of all to get high touch support during the roller coaster of emotions that launching can be.

I found that my clients were creating and launching things that weren't really in alignment with their soul because it was what they thought they "should" do.

As a result the launch would fall flat despite them investing a lot of time and money on it.

This would take a huge emotional toll and leave them wondering what was wrong with them and their work.

In short, they needed their energy to align with creating a successful launch.

So, over the last few years, I have been studying in this area becoming certified as a practising Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner and Soul Centre Intuitive and I am now ready to energetically support women intensively (and intuitively!) whilst they are launching.


Therefore this VIP experience is about soulful, intuitive alignment in your launches. You'll be intensively supported by me through your launch.

"As someone who's launched dozens of times, I know how easy it can be to get totally wrapped up and bogged down by the strategy and execution of a launch. But I also know that for a launch to be successful, it has to be aligned on all levels. What I love about Kathryn's work is that she understands the energetics of a launch inside and out, which makes her an incredible guide and support for creating flow and abundance. This is truly the holistic approach to launching, and it's game-changing for women who want to stay in the game and make the impact we're here to make. Kathryn's work is profound, comprehensive, and beautiful."

Nisha Moodley
Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

1:1 Soulful Launch Support is energetic and soul alignment to rewire your mindset, align your energy, and activate your abundance,  so you can make this your most potent and ease-filled launch ever.

"Kathryn is a soul seer who truly understands the significance of a woman launching herself in the world. From calling forth your wildest vision to recalibrating your right to receive, Kathryn will lovingly guide you into your highest launch energies, so you can rock your soul work and make sure it reaches those who are waiting for it. Expect to channel some straight-up spiritual truth, earthly support and Kathryn’s own blend of powerful energetic release. More women need to experience the possibility of Kathryn’s soulful launching, where it doesn’t have to equal burn out or distress, but can be pleasurable, liberating and wealth-generating. "

Melissa Sandon, Energy & Soul Medicine teacher and founder of Soul Medicine Academy

The Soulful Launching experience is energetic and soul alignment to rewire your mindset, align your energy and open your ability to recieve to make this your most potent launch ever.

The energetic re-programming and activation will work across all levels of your being to ensure your natural magnetism is potent during your launch and your energy is naturally calling in your clients.

Launching can bring up so much for us, around our visibility, worth, ability to recieve and creative power to get our soul work out in a big way.

When women tend to their inner world during launch, the possibilities and results are amplified.


In this experience we'll:

  • channel your highest and most aligned launch desires and goals
  • clear the limiting stories about your worth and your manifesting capabilities
  • release hidden subconscious blocks, the inner energetics that can make or break your launch
  • activate your highest soul potential, calling in your spiritual support team to bring this launch into easeful flow
  • get vibrationally supported, with a specifically tailored and recommended suite of vibrational products (mantras, oils, crystals and flower essences) to tune you back into your launch desires instantaneously.

"It was great hearing confirmation of things I had suspected in my own intuition, and to have them reflected back to me in this energy reading.

I got some great new insights on my launch too.

I also appreciate Kathryn's beautiful approach to launching, and the deeper layer to the reading this gave me. "

- Denise Duffield Thomas on the Launch Energy Reading

What's Included?

 // 1:1 Launch Clearing Session (60-90 minutes) - In this session we’ll dive deep into the core wounds, patterns, and mindset blocks that are holding you back from launching and/or getting the results you desire. A mix of alignment, mindset and energy healing, it will help you clear your channels, move through resistance, and set you up for success in your next launch... and beyond.

// Launch Strategy & Calendar Planning Session (60 minutes) - We'll meet to discuss your launch strategy and together hash out the most strategic and spacious plan possible for your launch. You'll walk away with a clear strategy & a mapped out plan for your launch.

// 1:1 Receiving Activation Session (60-90 minutes) - Best conducted just before or at the start of your launch, this session will ensure:

You are internally aligned with your external launch goals (so important for achieving your desired outcomes)

You activate your ability to receive during your launch,

You clear any stagnant energy or limiting beliefs that have built up around your launch and your ability to receive abundantly for your soul work.

// Personal Launch Energy Reading - A customised oracle & tarot card reading just for you, to help you through your next launch. With over 20 sets of oracle and tarots cards, I’ll be picking the ones that most want to be used for your reading. You’ll receive a photo of the reading, audio file of my insights, and a written summary of action steps to use in your launch.

// 1:1 Soul Centre Balancing - Experience deep energetic restoration during this powerful 60-minute healing session. I’ll be mapping your entire soul & energy system, identifying areas of blockage or excessive energy, and guiding you through curative practices to heal, soothe and restore balance. Afterwards, I’ll send you a personalised PDF report of your session — including a map of your soul centres, important notes on maintaining balance, and hand-picked tools to assist you moving forward.

// 3 x 45 minute check-ins during your launch. Schedule these sessions whenever you need extra soulful or strategic support, or are having a “launch emergency”. (Struggling to stay positive? Need to quickly raise your vibrations? Not sure how to climb out of procrastination? Need to pivot your launch?  These potent, quick-fix sessions are your ‘launch life-savers’!)

// 4 x Launch Meditation mp3s - These four guided meditation tracks are yours to dip into whenever you need a quick mindset shift or want to instantly open yourself up to abundance. Each designed to combat a specific stage of launch anxiety, these beautiful recordings will have you sliding into a state of blissed-out zen at the push of a button.

// Set of my 9 Launch Archetype Goddess Cards sent in the mail - These cards each feature a beautiful goddess complete with launch guidance and an affirmation to invoke the energy of each goddess during your launch.

// Personal Check-In Portal - Throughout our time together, we’ll share a private Asana project board, where we can both touch base, leave comments and suggestions, and maintain accountability. All your personalised tools and materials will be stored here, so you can access them easily and make them an integral part of your daily workflows.

Ashley talks about the launch clearing session

She over doubled her launch revenue goals!

who is this experience for?

  • You are a passionate and soul led woman in business.
  • You've launched before and felt like something was missing. You felt stressed, overwhelmed, and like you were not entirely open to receiving abundance for your soul work… Like your brain wanted success but there was something in your soul holding you back.
  • Deep down, you know that you have old patterns, wounds and limiting beliefs in place, that are preventing you from breaking through.
  • You felt alone in your last launch — like there was no-one who really got what you were going through, and how much work was involved.
  • You may have thought about hiring a kinesiologist or seeing a healer but you didn't feel like they would understand what you really needed to support you during your launch.
  • You want to launch again soon. And this time, you want to be soulfully supported throughout the process… not out on the front line by yourself, or whipped into line by an all hustle business coach.
  • You know what steps to take in your launch, but now you need to get yourself in the right space in order to follow through on the work and attract in abundance.
  • You know what steps to take in your launch, but now you need to get yourself in the right space to hold it.

How this experience will roll-out


To get started I'll complete your Launch Energy Reading and send it through to you.

We'll have our strategy & planning session so that you are clear on your path forward.

Then we'll have your Launch Clearing Session (before your cart opens)

When your cart is open in your key period for selling we'll have your Receiving Activation Session

During this time we'll also have your Soul Centre Balance Session

You can book in your extra 30-minute soulful support sessions whenever you need them within 3 months of purchasing your package.

Please note if you need a slightly different schedule I will work with you on this as long as your sessions are used within a maximum of 12 weeks.


Here’s what you’ll get out of this experience...

Complete alignment between your beliefs and your behaviours

So that you can get out of your own way, act in your own best interests, and shed your tendency to procrastinate.

An EXPANDED energetic container

You can only achieve if you’re ready to receive. So we’re going to open up your capacity for abundance and dismantle any upper limits.

The confidence and clarity you need to take action

So you can move through your launch without doubting yourself, your work, or your ability to manifest your desires.

Practical tools to empower you, now and in the future

This journey is not just about making your next launch your most profitable and ease-filled ever, it’s also about equipping you with tools and techniques to replicate this soulful success in ALL your future launches.


A deeper understanding of who you are…

… and how your energy system functions best, so that you can start working WITH your natural strengths, rather than against them. (This is KEY for creating momentum and ease.)

Healing, on both the physical and spiritual planes

We all know how damaging stress is for the body and soul. With dedicated healing sessions, you’ll be sweeping away stress from your cells and psyche, allowing you to reclaim valuable bandwidth to channel into your launch.

An understanding sounding board

You’ll have me by your side — someone who *gets* what you’re going through, can help you navigate the obstacles, and who’s always got your back.

Raised Vibrations and a positive headspace

So that the energy you’re embodying is the kind that will allow you to attract in the abundance and results you desire.

Enhanced health, wellness and energy

As a soul led entrepreneur, YOU are your business. So looking after your most important asset is a must.

The Investment

Best Value Option

$2997 (One off payment, AUD Dollars)
  • 1:1 Launch Clearing Session
  • 1:1 Launch Strategy & Planning Session
  • 1:1 Receiving Activation Session
  • 1:1 Soul Centre Healing and Balancing Session
  • Personal Launch Energy Reading
  • 3 x 45 minute check-ins during your launch
  • 4 x Guided meditations to create the ideal launch mindset
  • Set of 9 Launch Archetype Goddess Cards 
  • Personalised check-in portal


3 x $1099
(Payments charged monthly, AUD Dollars)
  • 1:1 Launch Clearing Session
  • 1:1 Launch Strategy & Planning Session
  • 1:1 Receiving Activation Session
  • 1:1 Soul Centre Healing and Balancing Session
  • Personal Launch Energy Reading
  • 3 x 45 minute check-ins during your launch
  • 4 x Guided meditations to create the ideal launch mindset
  • Set of 9 Launch Archetype Goddess Cards 
  • Personalised check-in portal

Want in?

Your next step: Secure your limited place


Keen to birth your most soulful, successful launch ever?

Secure your limited place to work with me in this intensive capacity.

Alternatively, you can send your questions to admin@kathrynhocking.com and we’ll be in touch!

Please note: The intimate, intensive nature of this work means I can only accept a small number of clients at a time. If you want me by your side for your launch, please be sure to reserve your space swiftly.

Happy Soulful Launching Customers


"I loved the entire process of my Launch Energy Reading with Kathryn. It was such a great way to support my launch, setting myself on the right path before jumping into the energy of launching.

The insights were perfect, and exactly what I needed to know at the start of my launch. It was great to spend time journalling on each aspect, and see how these insights unfolded throughout the entire launch period."

My Launch Energy Reading was also a great resource to keep coming back to throughout the launch period, reminding me to check in with myself and where I was at - and listen to those messages again and again so I was staying grounded and focused.

I would suggest anyone launching their e-course into the world invests in a Launch Energy Reading with Kathryn.

- Elle Lynn speaking about the Launch Energy Reading


"Deeply transformative. In such a short time, Kathryn revealed a block that has been on the fringe of my awareness and released it. My launch-life continues to open on a large scale! Thank you so much, Kathryn!"

- Leslie Newman speaking about the Launch Clearing Session

Yael Keon

"Kathryn's launch reading really helped clarify for me what were the most important steps for me to take during my most recent launch. The way she connected with exactly how I was feeling was uncanny and she reinforced what my intuition was telling me all along - making me feel confident in my path forward and resulting in my most successful (and least stressful) launch to date"

- Yael Keon speaking about the Launch Energy Reading

Align your energy to activate your abundance.

To make your next launch a soulful, stress-free, and highly SUCCESSFUL one, book your introductory chat now.