Marie Forleo's B-School

This legendary e-Program for entrepreneurs is enrolling now!

So how did Marie Forleo's B-School change my business and my life?

In the six months after I did this course I took my business from $600 (total revenue!) to $6,000/month! So that is like a gazillion % growth!!

Within nine months of doing Marie Forleo's B-School, I quit my $110,000 corporate job and I replaced that income with my business income.

In the next year, I had a baby and ran my online business in a couple of hours a day and maintained this six-figure income.

Since 2015 my business has turned over multiple 6-figures and my potential earnings and business growth are now practically unlimited!

I honestly don’t think any of this would have happened without B-School – this was the decision that started it all for me.

Plus I gained a tribe of local b-school babes and business soul-mates (pictured at a party at my place!)

You can read more about why I attribute so much of my success to B-School here.

Enroll through me and get the below bonuses

FREE access to selected programs from the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy including:

// Your Soulful Year

// Foundations of Astrology

// Your Astrological Signature and

// Your Astrological Style

Valued at $1394 USD.

The deets

B-School is open for enrollment until February 28th 2020.

If you do decide to sign-up please make sure you use my affiliate link as then you will receive FREE access to selected programs from the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy including Your Soulful Year, Foundations of Astrology, Your Astrological Signature and Your Astrological Style Valued at $1394 USD.

You can join my Embodied Soul Astrology Academy to learn how to plan your year in a soulful way as well as to align your business to your astrological blueprint including branding your business aligned to your astrology chart.

But you must use my link or this button below when signing up.

Some questions you might like answered (straight from Marie's mouth):

And don't just take their word for it - check out this amazing B-school reviews page where you can sort by stage of business, location, business type, and many more options!

The fine print

To be eligible you must use my affiliate link to purchase.

I cannot provide access until the 30 day money back guarantee period has passed and affiliate monies have been paid in full by Team Forleo (around mid April).

I cannot apply this bonus to previous purchases of my programs or provide any form of cash back – the affiliate guidelines set by Marie Forleo are quite strict – so please don’t ask for me to apply this bonus retrospectively.

B-School is open for enrollment until February 28th 2020.

To claim your bonus click through my links or buttons, as your last link clicked before joining is the one that your purchase will get assigned to. I cannot offer this bonus if you do not use my link.

Please be aware as an affiliate I am required to conform to strict guidelines and cannot request changes or provide bonuses if you do not use my link.

Once you have enrolled using my link email me and let me know you have signed up (this is really important!).

So are you going to take the leap of faith? Hint. It’s not really a leap, tens of thousands of women & men around the world are NOT wrong!

If you have any questions about b-school Marie's team are awesome at answering them ( but I am more than happy to give you my opinion too just email me

I really hope you will join us for the 2020 round of Marie Forleo's b-school  - it only runs once a year and I describe it to all my clients as a ‘ complete no-brainer’.


P.S I'm a proud partner of Marie Forleo's B-School program and I completed b-school 8 years ago. To this day the b-school community is a major part of my business support system and a major part of how I achieved success online so be assured I am recommending something that I absolutely love. I may receive a generous affiliate commission if you click on my links.