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Do you need help to strategise and plan out your launch?

Presenting the:
1:1 Launch Strategy session

We will...

Work together to refine your strategy & create a custom launch calendar for your next launch.


You'll receive...

A clear roadmap of what to do when and answers to all your questions about your launch timeframes and activities.

This includes a 1-2 page launch calendar with key dates and activities plotted in based on your timeframes and activities as well as a set of notes from our session.

You'll feel...

Confident, empowered and ready to launch!

"Thanks for a fantastic session Kathryn Hocking!

I feel so much clearer and more confident to commit to a course of action (no more procrastinating).  

I Really appreciate your experience and expertise!"


Mel Brisbane-Schilling, psychologist, expert on MAFS and creator of The DATEready Project.


The Launch Strategy session is an investment in your confidence and sanity for your next launch.

"My launch was less stressful, with higher enrollments, greater clarity, increased confidence and connection to self.

  • Yael Keon
Yael Keon

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is an expert launch strategist and the creator of several wildly successful online programs including the e-Course Launch Formula and Launch Mastery. She has generated over $1 million in online revenue through her leveraged programs and developed a loyal and raving community of soul clients.

She has led more than 1,000 ambitious entrepreneurs through the process of creating and launching their own online products and programs.

Kathryn teaches her clients how to fuse strategy with soul, heart with hustle, yin with yang to ensure everything they launch creates sublime abundance and leaves them feeling like a total launch goddess.

As a coach Kathryn is a practical and supportive mumma bear type - fiercly loving with equal parts calling you on your blocks and limiting beliefs.

She'll help you to break free and finally launch your soul work.

She is a sagitarrius sun, cancer moon and virgo rising - meaning she is optimistic and friendly, sensitive and nurturing and extremely organised, focus and planned!


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In this experience we'll:

Pastel 2018 Monthly Calendar

Example only, actual will be more detailed

  • Dive into your offering, your strengths, your soul clients and your budget and timeframes
  • Map out a launch strategy that is smart and strategic and that plays to your strengths
  • Answer your questions about what you should do and when key strategies should be used for maximum impact
  • Create a custom launch calendar and plan for your launch

My own strategy has gone next level since having Kath's input."

  • Jo Bendle, The Wildly Successful Society

Who is this session for?

  • You are a passionate and soul led woman in business
  • You have so many questions about structuring your launch and don't feel confident about planning it out on your own
  • You are not sure which strategies you should use in your launch, how long it should go for, what happens when and how long each stage should last
  • You'd like my eyes and brain on your launch to provide advice and feedback.
  • In your brain you are thinking... "Just tell me what to do Kath!"


The Investment

Launch Strategy Session

$350 (One off payment, AUD Dollars)
  • 90 Minute 1:1 Launch Strategy & Planning Session
  • Full set of notes plus 1-2 page PDF suggested launch calendar


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