Your energy determines what kind of launch you have.

Find out how your launch is shaping up (and where you’re blocking your progress and abundance) with a Launch Energy Reading from Kathryn Hocking.

When it comes to launching your work out into the world...

  • Do you find yourself lost, overwhelmed, and craving some soulful support to glide through your launch with ease and grace?
  • Are you hungry for divine guidance — the kind that smacks you over the head with its ‘spot on’-ness — to ensure that you’re on the right path and taking the right actions?
  • Have been having some niggling feelings about your launch that you would like some confirmation on?

Nodding along?

How great would it be then, to get a *read* on your launch — and yourself — to find out where everything’s at, where you’re blocked, and how you can get in precise alignment with your desired abundance?

With a Launch Energy Reading, you can go into your next launch feeling confident, full of insight, and with your soul hot-wired for success...

… Allowing you to FULLY EMBODY the energetic state required to attract the results you desire.

In short, you’ll become a magnet for abundance.


What is a Launch Energy Reading ?

A Launch Energy Reading is an intuitive snapshot of how your launch is unfolding, what kind of energy you’re embodying, and where you’re subconsciously blocking your own success.

You know how it’s really hard to “see your own stuff”? Think of a Launch Energy Reading as me pulling back the curtains on your energetic truth, allowing you to quickly adjust anything that’s out of alignment, then rise up and realise your full creative potential.

(“So spot on it’s scary” and “eerily accurate” are words that have been used to describe my insights.)

How do these readings work?

First off, you book in to have your Launch Energy Reading channelled and recorded. (You do not need to be available during this time — these readings are done remotely, and simply require your permission for me to enter your energetic field.)

I will then complete your reading and send it to you within 2 business days of this time.

At the time of booking in, you’ll be asked to complete a soul-guided questionnaire where I find out more about you and your program, and what the intentions and goals you have for your launch are.

On the day of the reading, I prepare the reading space by cleansing the space and connecting with your energy and intentions.

Using muscle testing I select 11-13 decks to work with, along with 1 or more essential oils and 1 or 2 Australian Bush Flower Essences.

I then select a card from each chosen deck and record the messages I download as I interpret each individual card but also intuit:

  • The Key Themes for your launch
  • Your Launch Superpower(s)
  • The emotions you most need to invoke for the best results in your launch
  • Channelled messages from your guides

I also provide you with detailed information on the oils and flower essence selected.

The whole process of preparation, channelling, recording, editing and writing takes around 3 hours.

What can I expect from the reading?


This reading is like a roadmap for your launch.

It will become a treasured companion as you traverse the energy of your launch and a tool you can revisit during your launch to find your equilibrium.

It may confirm your suspicions, intuition and gut feelings as you already have a connection to the energy of your launch.

This reading will deepen this connection and guide you in how to navigate it.

You will feel more supported in your launch and feel able to make aligned decisions during your launch.

"I loved the entire process of my Launch Energy Reading with Kathryn. It was such a great way to support my launch, setting myself on the right path before jumping into the energy of launching.

The insights were perfect, and exactly what I needed to know at the start of my launch. It was great to spend time journalling on each aspect, and see how these insights unfolded throughout the entire launch period."

My Launch Energy Reading was also a great resource to keep coming back to throughout the launch period, reminding me to check in with myself and where I was at - and listen to those messages again and again so I was staying grounded and focused.

I would suggest anyone launching their e-course into the world invests in a Launch Energy Reading with Kathryn."

- Elle Lynn, Ju-Ju Creative Hub

Who am I ?


My name is Kathryn Hocking and I am the creator of over 8 online programs and products including the e-Course Launch Formula. I have generated over 1 million dollars in online revenue and mentored over 900 entrepreneurs in the last six years.

I bring strategy AND soul to the table as a Soul and Energy Medicine Practitioner specialising in intuition and vibrational medicine including essential oils, crystals, oracle cards and flower essences.

I'm also an oracle and tarot card addict with over 30 decks and a wishlist that goes on for miles.

I've been doing these launch energy readings for myself for years and finally decided to open them up to the public.

I am focused on how our energetic system responds to putting ourselves out there, to being seen, to taking up space.

And my desire for you is that you approach your launch in a way that is aligned with what your energetic system most desires and that is aligned with your soul path.

These energy readings will do just that - consider them your launch best friend.

I've done launch energy readings for online entrepreneurs including Denise Duffield-Thomas, Jadah Sellner and Nisha Moodley - what did they all have in common? They loved it!

"It was great hearing confirmation of things I had suspected in my own intuition, and to have them reflected back to me in this energy reading.

I got some great new insights on my launch too.

I also appreciate Kathryn's beautiful approach to launching, and the deeper layer to the reading this gave me".

- Denise Duffield Thomas of the Money Bootcamp

The Launch Energy Reading is...

  • Lovingly created for you in your highest good
  • Unique to each person
  • A sacred and intuitive process
  • Created with care and attention
  • Something you will treasure and look back on
  • Divinely downloaded by me from your guides
  • An intimate process between our souls where our energies meet for the purposes of supporting your launch
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What's Included?

// 15+ Page professionally designed PDF with photos of all cards and vibrational tools

// 30 minute+ audio recording of channelled messages

// Opportunity to ask further questions in a follow-up email



How is it delivered?

Launch Energy Reading - graphics square

Your launch energy reading is delivered via email with a link to your own google drive folder including a 30-minute audio recording (MP3 file) and a 15 page+ professionally designed PDF document including photos of all cards selected as well as the overall layout.

You are invited to reply to the email and provide any feedback or questions you require clarification on.

"I absolutely loved my Launch Energy Reading with Kathryn. It was SPOT ON!

She held all of the pieces with such clarity, helping me to easily see what actions to take, and where my attention was most needed.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to align with their launch, focus their energy and efforts, and bring their intentions to life".

Nisha Moodley
Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day


The Investment

$299 + GST (One off payment, AUD Dollars)
  • Insights relating to you goals and intentions chanelled in the reading
  • Individually created and professionally designed 15 page + PDF Reading including photos of all cards and vibrational tools
  • 30 minute + Audio recording to go along with the PDF
  • Delivered via Google Drive & email
  • Option to ask one round of questions via email


More Happy Launch Energy Reading Customers


"Really loved my session! Excited to re-listen again!"

  • Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies and Love over Metrics
Yael Keon

"Kathryn's launch reading really helped clarify for me what were the most important steps for me to take during my most recent launch. The way she connected with exactly how I was feeling was uncanny and she reinforced what my intuition was telling me all along - making me feel confident in my path forward and resulting in my most successful (and least stressful) launch to date"

  • Yael Keon



Email me at admin@kathrynhocking.com to ask any questions about this service

"I've been becoming more interested in this intuitive, intentional and energetic way of thinking about my business - rather than the nuts and bolts of systems, tech, etc! Launches can be stressful, and feel like you're just doing 'all the things' but Kathryn's launch energy reading providing some key messages for me to take into this launch time, and to help shift focus for me. I'm excited to see how this different approach impacts the launch, my online community and me."

Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect

Get your Launch Energy Reading Now

… and turn yourself into an energetic magnet for abundance.