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Launch Management | Project Management | Program Development


Do you feel alone in your business like you are the only one holding the reigns?

Have you got great team members and providers but you still feel like it’s all down to you to make sure things happen?

Do you want to be able to stay directly in your zone of genius - as the figurehead of your brand - engaging your community and serving your tribe?

Are you ready for the next level of ‘going pro’ in your business - bringing on a Project Manager, Launch Manager or New Program Development Manager?



  • are likely a creative, healer or mystic - in other words, systems, planning and organisation aren't exactly your strong suite.
  • are an entrepreneur who has been in the online business game for a while
  • have a course, online program, membership or product that is proven and you have seen increases in your launch or recurring revenue over time
  • are likely familiar with the basics of online launches but you’d rather not have to manage the process
  • are ready to have someone take the lead and project manage your launches and/or new product development
  • are in desperate need of someone who can come into your business and add some structure, systems and process to your launches and/or product development
  • are ready for growth - I thrive working with already successful business owners to scale and experience more freedom
  • are desiring someone who can manage your various team members and providers so that you don't have to
  • are desperately seeking someone else to hold your launch, or the development of your new offering, (like the precious gem it is) so you don’t feel like it is all up to you
  • need to free yourself up to work in your zone of genius whether that is creating content, managing your communities, doing Facebook lives, doing 1:1 sessions - effectively the business of being visible and being you
  • want to be able to be fully present in your visibility tasks and show up 100% for your community resting securely in the knowledge that you have a pro taking the reigns.

This is not for you if...


  • You are struggling to pay your bills and you are hoping this will save you
  • You don’t already have an established list, social media following and proven success with online products, programs or 1:1 services
  • You don’t have any other support team members - I work best when I can maximise the team you already have and fill the gaps as needed
  • You are not willing to invest in a suitable budget for a launch or new product development. I can work with varying budgets but generally we will need some web and graphic design, copywriting and advertising budget in addition to my services.

I am:

Untitled design (19)


  • A launch strategist with 7 years online launch experience and have generated over $1mil in online product revenue
  • A virgo rising planner personality who has refined specialist systems for product development and launches
  • A soul & energy medicine practitioner so I understand the myriad of emotions, blocks and limiting beliefs that launches bring up.
  • Someone who activates energy - I come into a business and get things moving
  • Able to see the whole picture, know what needs to happen when and look ahead to the next steps
  • passionate about launches and new products being simple, effective and beautiful

As an optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius with a Virgo Rising I bring fun, positivity and focus to your business and my Moon in Cancer means I understand sensitive types and how hard it can be putting yourself out there in the world.

What I do...

(I can do some or all of these things for you)


  • I take on no more than 2-3 clients at a time
  • I work for each client typically 1-2 days a week for a period of at least 4-6 weeks or sometimes ongoing
  • I manage your launches, coordinate your staff and can even help you strategically develop new offerings
  • I help you get those projects you never seem to get around to done and launched
  • I can help you to design and develop e-Courses, e-Programs, Masterminds, Certifications and more from start to finish
  • I work within Asana or Teamwork project management systems
  • I help you to set goals and budgets for your project and then work to those
  • Myself (or my trusted team) can do project management, resource management, strategy, strategic content review, content development, social media management, Infusionsoft (campaigns, sequences, order forms etc…)
  • I work with your existing staff, providers and systems however I will sometimes recommend changes to your systems and recommend providers to help you go next level
  • My job is to manage and coordinate your business project, put your mind at ease and allow you to stay firmly in your zone of genius

What I don't do...

(but I can hook you up with providers & manage them):


  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Google Remarketing
  • Video editing
  • Professional Web & Graphic Design
  • Full sales page and email copywriting

Done For You Launch|Project|Program Management
is a smart investment in your business, your health and your sanity.

What's Included?

// Booked out time in my calendar for the duration of the project

// Bonus getting started strategy call

// Set-up of a professional launch management or project management system.

// Weekly project management check-ins with me to stay on-track

// Access to me on your specified day(s) plus connect with me during working hours (Australian time) Monday-Friday via Slack.

// Management of your team of providers to ensure that work is done on time and on budget

// Peace of mind that you have a reliable professional holding the energy of the launch, or your new program development, with you.


The Investment

Projects vary and I am happy to discuss custom quotes, however, here is an indication of the investment.

Retainer package of AUD $725/day + GST (up to 8 hours) paid fortnightly in advance for a minimum of 4 weeks.

So if you start with 1/day per week you would be paying $1450/fortnight in advance.

This guarantees you booked out space in my calendar for the duration of our project.

Additional hours with my specialist team will be charged (at varying rates) depending on the requirements.

Casual or additional hours: $110/hour + GST invoiced weekly dependent on my availability and your needs.



Here’s what you’ll get out of this partnership...

You wont be holding the launch on your own

You will have an experienced launch and project manager by your side to ensure that everything gets done.

A System

I'll be setting up a system that you can use for future launches or program development. It truly is a business asset.

An Optimised Team

I'll be reviewing the support you have in your business and helping you to optimise it to get your business working smoothly.

A professional eye on your launch or new program

As a qualified trainer, coach and experienced launch and project manager I will be putting my eye over your entire launch funnel or new program and helping you to optimise it. That's worth the investment on its own.


Part of my job is to refine your strategy - whether that is for your launch or new program.

Again this is worth the investment on its own.

Time, sweet time!

I'll be freeing you up to have more spare time or to be able to focus on your most important role in your business - showing up and being visible - and delivering that special something that only you can do.

Less Stress.

Developing new programs and Launching is stressful. But with a Project Manager they are far less so - particularly when that project manager has created countless products and programs of her own and managed over 30 launches over 7 years. It's second nature to me.

Growth in your business

While I can't hand on heart guarantee increased revenues immediately - the long term outcome will be just that.

Why? Because your business will be streamlined, efficient, strategic and you will have more time to connect with your tribe.

Enhanced health, wellness and energy

As a soul led entrepreneur, YOU are your business. So looking after your most important asset is a must and this partnership will free you up to do just that!

Want in?

Your next step: Secure your limited place


I quite seriously can only work with a couple of clients at a time.

Secure your limited place to work with me now by booking a time to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively, you can send your questions to and we’ll be in touch!

Please note: The time intensive nature of this work means I can only accept a couple of clients at a time. If you want me by your side for your launch, please be sure to reserve your space swiftly.