Do you struggle to actually make your business goals a reality_

It’s March, so by now you’ve got a sense whether you are working steadily towards your goals… or not.

… Which is the perfect time for me to ask you a very revealing — and maybe even uncomfortable — question:

How many of the things you want to achieve this year were ALSO things you wanted to achieve last year, but didn’t?

… Maybe you wanted to finally start earning passive income, but didn’t?

… Maybe you wanted to write a book, but didn’t?

… Maybe you wanted to launch an e-Course … but totally didn’t.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, I want you to know that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Me included.

But I also want you to know that this does NOT have to be a cycle that repeats itself every year.

I know that might be hard to imagine, but it’s true: this time next year - you not not have to be feeling bad that you have lost traction, momentum and vision for your goals — you don’t have to be still trying to achieve those same goals.

You can ACTUALLY achieve them. THIS year. For REAL...

But to do that, you’ve got to do something different … you’ve got to take action to stack the odds in your favour...

If you want to ‘get it done’ in 2018, then you need to...

Get support — stop trying to stay motivated all by yourself (it doesn’t work).

Get accountability — regularly. From someone who gets what you’re aiming for and what you’re going through.

Get aligned — if your inner self isn’t fully on board, you’ll never be able to bring that outer vision to life (and will likely sabotage yourself every step of the way).

Get your energy sorted — you need a clear channel if you’re going to bring those big-hairy-audacious-goals into existence.

Get a circle — of likeminded women, that is. You are the product of the people you spend the most time around, so make sure you’re rigging the “osmosis factor” in your favour! The momentum you get from surrounding yourself with a group of dedicated, high-achieving, spiritually-minded women cannot be overstated.



What is the Soulful Year Collective?

This first-of-its-kind membership will facilitate the kind of growth, achievement and goal-kicking that you’ve dreamt about (and admired in other people) but have never quite been able to pull off for yourself.

Best of all, it will help you do so with ease, alignment and grace. (Because feeling like crap while you work towards your goals is not worth it, and it’s a paradigm that we can CHOOSE to evolve out of.)

Each quarter, you’ll join our live, in-depth online workshop to plan out the coming 90 days, get completely aligned, and create an action plan moving forwards.

Then, each month, we’ll join together for a Review & Reset planning & accountability call, a full moon energy clearing call, a new moon energy activation call, plus you get a group energy reading (so you can harness the power of the collective consciousness), ongoing support in our private member’s group plus a private page in my members site with a wealth of tools and all the recordings.

This is all in addition to the goldmine that is the Your Soulful Year Online Workshop. (Yep, you get the workshop AND ongoing accountability and support.) It is literally EVERYTHING you need to set soulful, aligned goals, then go out there and freaking knock them out of the park.

So if 2018 has you a little excited, a little nervous, and a LOT ready for change…

Then let’s get this beautiful ball rolling.

The Soulful Year Collective

The Soulful Year Collective provides ongoing support & accountability to stay on-track and focused in a soulful and feminine way.

Quarterly Group Planning & Intention Setting Workshop

We will come together as a group and do some high impact quarterly planning so that you are clear on your key initiatives for the 90 days ahead. We will break these down into monthly goals and tasks to keep you on track.

Monthly New Moon Energetic Activation Call

On or near the New Moon we will come together and learn about the energy of the new moon as well as which house it is in for you specifically (based on your birth date and time info).

We will then set our intentions for the the New Moon and energetically activate these for the fortnight ahead.

Monthly Full Moon Energetic Clearing Call

On or near the Full Moon we will come together and learn about the energy of the full moon as well as which house it is in for you (based on your birth date and time info).

We will declare what we are ready to let go of and perform a group energy clearing to provide clear passage into the new cycle.

Monthly Group Coaching & Accountability Call

In all the months when we’re not doing our quarterly planning, we’ll meet to check in on how you’re going with your quarterly and monthly goals, so you can stay accountable and on-track (which is KEY for bringing your 2018 intentions to fruition). You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback and advice, and hear me hot-seat and trouble-shoot with other amazing members of our collective.

Monthly Group Energy Reading 

Every Month I will perform a beautiful Energy Reading for the Community to guide you energetically in the month ahead. It will be delivered with an audio and PDF with a gorgeous image of the reading.

Ongoing Support in the Facebook Community

You will be able to come together in our intimate and supportive Facebook Community to get support energetically or strategically when moving through your plans for the year.

Soulful Launching Meditation Bundle

You will get access to my bundle of four Soulful Launching Meditations to support you emotionally and energetically whenever you are launching a product, service or other offering.

Special Members Resource Page

There will be a dedicated members page with all the worksheets you will need to do your quarterly and monthly planning and prepare for our new moon and full moon sessions plus all the recordings from our live sessions.

Ongoing accountability, continual check-ins, regular realignment — In short, The Collective gives you everything you need to take your goals and dreams off your vision board… and bring them into reality.



Included in the Soulful Year Collective Quarterly Membership are the following additional resources:

  • 2018 Goals Worksheet
  • 1 page 2018 Annual Launch Calendar Planner
  • 15-page Lunar Toolkit to work with the new moon and full moon
  • Gorgeous New Moon & Full Moon Guide for each new and full moon with information about the moon and a ritual to undertake to work with the energy (approx 8 pages).
  • Your own Monthly Energy Reading Worksheet
  • Quarterly Planner (1-page worksheet for each quarter)
  • 10-page Monthly Review & Reset worksheet.

New for Quarter 2 (April-June 2018)

  • 'Cash Flow Management' Training including your own cash flow spreadsheet template
  • 'Working with your Natural Cycles for Productivity' Training including a Monthly Cycle Worksheet

And the Following Live Calls...

  • Quarterly Planning workshop (1 per quarter)
  • Monthly review and reset workshop (2 per quarter)
  • Monthly New Moon Activation Call (3 per quarter)
  • Monthly Full Moon Release and Reset Call (3 per quarter)
  • Cash Flow Management Call (April)
  • Working with your Natural Cycles Call (June)


  • Monthly energy reading for the collective delivered via audio file & PDF and
  • Private Facebook Community for ongoing support

Plus access to Your Soulful Year Online Workshop

(Valued at $97)

In this online workshop you will feel into your Soulful Vision and intentions and set the energetic tone for 2018 including:

  • Create a one-year energy reading to get a sense of the energy, flow and key themes for the year ahead
  • Discover what your numerological number is for 2018 and how to harness its energy and ensure you are energetically aligned for the year ahead
  • Feel into your Word for the Year through guided meditation
  • Explore what your word for the year really means in practice
  • Discover your supporting themes
  • Set your key intentions for the year that are aligned with your energetic blueprint
  • Create an intuitive oil blend to anchor in your intentions and word for the year
  • Create a workbook filled with your desires, intentions and energetic blueprint for the year ahead, and identify the perfect essential oil to anchor it in. (You’re also welcome to purchase your anchor oil through me, at an exclusive wholesale price.)

For more information on this workshop click here

Your Soulful Year - mockups (1)
Your Soulful Year - mockups

"I've found that operating inside a professional and corporate business environment for most of my career has led me to drive most decisions with intellect instead of intuition.

Operating now a business of my own, on my own, has required a whole different set of tools. One of the critical ones has been the ability to trust and back myself.

And so, over the past few years, I've become more and more curious about understanding things that, at first, seem "woo woo" ... but now feel far too relevant and empowering to ignore.

Finding Kathryn, and her Soulful Collective, was so amazing. And it's helped me sink into this inner calm, this ability to understand and trust the guidance that comes from within, and that resonates far more powerfully for me.

The ongoing guidance, as well as setting up my year in an entirely different way, has been amazing. I feel this is a whole world of opportunity for me that will continue to unravel, and Soulful Collective has been instrumental in opening this up for me, and really enriching me personally and professionally. "

- Amelia LeeUndercover Architect



"This is a group like no other. Aligning to the energy of the moon for maximum results along with care given by Kathryn, it will give your business the boost it needs."

Simone Outteridge, Creator The Liberated Leader


"The Soulful Year Collective has really helped me tune into the mindset side of my business. Typically a planner and a strategist, I find the "being" part of business a challenge and having a group to be accountable for this has really helped me bring mindset into regular practice."

Yael Keon, Marketing Strategist
Yael Keon
Being in the Soulful Year Collective has given me a whole new framework to operate within my business. I love learning about the different rhythms of the new and full moon cycles, and how I can line my business activities up with them. Kathryn is amazing at sharing her knowledge and is incredibly intuitive and gifted when it comes to running a soulfully aligned business. The Collective is for any woman who wants to come into a more energetic flow within her business.


Dr. Maggie Luther, Holistic Doctor and Intuitive Healer
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Take a look inside the members site

The Investment


$297 per Quarter

(Quarterly Payments)
  • All the Inclusions of Your Soulful Year Online (valued at $97)
  • Soulful Launching Meditation Bundle (Valued at $37)
  • Quarterly Planning & Intention Setting Workshops
  • Monthly New Moon Energetic Activation Group Call
  • Monthly Full Moon Energetic Clearing Group Call
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Accountability Call
  • Monthly Group Energy Reading PDF & Audio
  • Ongoing Support in the Facebook Community Group
  • Special Page in the Members Portal with all your monthly & quarterly planning tools


The Soulful Year Collective helps me to stay in tune with, and honour, my core desired feelings and use them to improve my life and business.

I really resonate with the moon energies and working with them helps me to harness the energy rather than fighting or pushing against it.

What I really like about this Collective is the fact that there is no right or wrong, no “good” or “bad” phase of the moon, the goal is just to organize ourselves in tune with our soul and deep-self, which really helps gaining clarity to make the best decisions for myself and my business.

I feel more organised and more in tune with my life in general since joining the Collective. I’m really in a big personal transformation which I understand so much better thanks to the Collective.

Gisèle Falcucci aka Jijihook - Artist, Creative Coach and Certified Zentangle Teacher


Email me at to ask any questions about upgrading to the Collective membership.


"What I love about Kathryn's work is that she understands energetics which makes her an incredible guide and support for creating flow and abundanceKathryn's work is profound, comprehensive, and beautiful."

Nisha Moodley
Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

Your fears and doubts are a message. They are your body’s way of telling you “My love, what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked, so please — for the love of Shakti — can you find a way to make this coming year different?


Are you going to heed your body’s message?

Are you over feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself?

Do you want those goals you dream of to become your new reality?

Here is the way to a radically different 2018. Let’s get to work.

Join us in
The Soulful Year Collective